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It's been fun, back to work

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Thanks for the fun this week.  I've been coming here, sporatically for a couple of years, but this week off  I've been here every day, lurking, learning, and posting a little.  Also getting to to know you all a bit better too, so hard without faces to names.  So tomorrow it's back to the daily work grind and my sporatic visits.  Thanks for keeping me inspired, Happy 2007 to you all.


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It will be back to work for me too - no more indulging for the whole day, checking CT at every break from house chores, cooking, washing the dogs.... :-)

tomorrow I go back to the once/day morning CT indulgency

come to think of it, it IS Monday, and I intend to post the MOnday photos later today when we go to the lab to get ready for tomorrow's experiments! Probably not until 6PM, though....



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If you want to see some faces to put with the names, go to and use the email address and the password "finecooking" to see some pictures from previous fests.  Better yet, join us at the next fest.  I'm trying to get one going in Vancouver, which isn't too far from you!

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Glad you're enjoying yourself here.  But can you explain what this  * -:¦:- *
        -:¦:-** -:¦:-**-:¦:-
    -:¦:- ((¨* -:¦:- * ¨)) -:¦:-
        -:¦:- Alexandra-:¦:-   
is all about?

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