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Cooking Monster's Wedding

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I was lucky enough to be invited and first let me post a phew fotos:

check out Cooking Monster showing great concentration (which she did for an entire day the day before weddn working on her cake in most difficult conditions:

then check out her very handsome and gracious fun loving husband discussing the breaking some glassware ritual while CM is reading detailed instructions:

and one more with husband peter, which i had to criminally crop to protect peter's innocent sister from unlicensed exposure. perhaps CM will give me dispensation:

the event, and i'll have to keep it brief since i'm packing for a short berkeley trip, was really a lot of fun, CM's family was a terrific down to earth lot and her dad a gentle tender and amusing soul, her mom i didn't get to speak to much, though i was covering the crowd really well, considering i knew only CM and superpup (whose permission i'll have to procure pre i post a pic, pup?). Peter's family was lots of fun, they had all kinds of rituals and translated the vows into german for the kin, peter's dad did loquacious prolix toast, his brother, software engineer clad in lederhosen promised to show us some steps i hadn't and didn't see, (in my b&w pix, not yet developed, high hopes there)

the cake was, after all, delicate and light and subtle, and fragrant, i kind of wolfed it (it's my style) but watched superpup savor the smallest bites, and think, she did this for a long thoughtful time, and and proclaimed the orange water in the buttercream very fragrant and very summery. i loved the texture of the plum and mascarpone filling against the tender genoise topped with the orange scented buttercream. yes, i went back for seconds but had thoughtfully left plenty of room for cake, so survived. i had also planned on taking a turn or two on the dancefloor, but when the rumba came in i lost my nerve, knowing no one and having behaved as if i was running for may, i suddenly got shy.

anyway, great time, and i'll look through pix and post some more. superpup, look through pictures in pointed you to and let me post at least one

great time.

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nochef, thanks! It's almost as good as being there. And CM - miracle of miracles, you look exactly as I have always pictured you! The cake sounds (and looks) superb! Any chance of detailed instructions someday?

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AWWWWWWWWWW... I can't wait for the final picture of the entire cake!!!! And the rest of the pics, too! You look sooo happy!! Thanks NoChef for posting and sharing with us!!

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Wow! Thanks. Cake looks great but CM looks absolutely beautiful. Peter is good lookin',too.

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CM-no surprise-you were a beautiful and radiant bride. Breaking a glass??? I don't see any Yarmulkes-is this a German tradition as well as a Jewish one?

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there you go....
not a perfect picture, but i'm not an experienced food photog, i'll try to look some more

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Thanks much, nochef! Great pics! CM is in beauty form, per normal and that cake is gorgeous! DH is a doll, too!!

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Thanks for the pics and report. They look like a great couple.

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CM - adorable husband you have there! You guys should make very cute babies!
i (He! He! He!)

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NoChef- thank you so much for posting the pics! The cake looks good enough to eat! (LOL)

CM and DH- congratulations, and best of luck to y'all.

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Congratulations, CM. Here's wishing y'all many years of happiness!


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Wow! You piped all that squiggly stuff?


p.s. Nice hair do.

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Great pictures, great looking couple, you are right, CLS, they will certainly make GORGEOUS babies... more than one, of course! ;-)

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Gorgeous cake (how could you sink a knife into it, after all that work???), gorgeous couple. Best wishes to you both.

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You both look great.......The pictures are beautiful......Congratulations to both of you.....Does Peter cook?

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Holy Hanna now that's a cake! I loved how CM matched her cake with red ribbon around her.

Here's to many years applying expertly whipped cream wherever your heart desires and removing it the most fun way you can think of.

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Not to carry a thread from another folder over to this one, but that photo is way better than most of what shows up in FC. With very few, very minor qualifications, it's publishable almost as is. (And I bet a bit of PhotoShop wizardry could fix up any of the picky little details.)

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No lie! Gorgeous cake, and the happy couple were looking fine, too :-)

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i (And I bet a bit of PhotoShop wizardry could fix up any of the picky little details.) the distinct lean to the left...argh...I can do better, honest. OK, I have to stop looking at pictures of the cake.

The photo itself, however, is georgeous.
NoChef gave us one of his paintings as a wedding gift. Maybe he'd post a picture of it for everyone to see. (hint, hint)

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Thanks for posting the pics! I can't wait to see the B&W's.
And thanks, everyone, for the compliments.

Sorry for the long silence, I was rather ill for a while there.

The glass-breaking ritual is not a German tradition, but was masterminded by DH's best man, who came across some sort of glass-breaking wedding good-luck kit in a museum shop and decided to make his own. The "glass' was actually a very heavy pottery mug, which is why, on the printed instructions, after step 3. Smash the glass into the ground, came step 4. If glass is not broken, repeat step 3.

Yes, I did pipe all the squiggly stuff. We filled frosted and decorated in only 4 hours. Superpup and NoChef did the dotted border along the cakes edges and I piped the beading pattern on the ribbons. We were a precision team.
p.s. ;-)

DH does cook, but he refuses to make cakes for me.

Sally and CLS:
FiL has already told us he expects DH to teach the children German so he can talk to them.

and Chiff:
ROFL, matching myself to the cake - I hope you don't mind if I borrow that line.

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noChef, thank you for posting these pictures and giving us a "picture" of the wedding. CM you look beautiful and your husband is very handsome. It sounds like it was a lovely wedding. Who was it that was having trouble with a pastry bag. We need to put that first picture with CM holding the pastry bag, showing the concentration in her face, in a special "How To" folder. CM, I hope you didn't have to step on the glass, I think it would be tougher than it looks. I thought the cake was beautiful and it sounds delicious - if I ever get married again, nah, that's not going to happen but I could have you make me an anniversary cake. Now, there's an idea. Hope you are feeling better.

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Okay, these threads should move to AOFTM folder right? Li?

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Seema, they already have. Check the Memoirs folder.