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I was asked by this site to give my details for a 14-day free trial period. AFTER I filled in all the required fields, I was then taken to another page which asked me to choose my preferred payment post the 14-day trial period.

This is something I consider UNETHICAL! IF you mentioned this on the first page then the person has a choice to go with your 14-day trial or not at the onset.

This way you cunningly get the person's details and unless there is a commitment to BUY A SUBSCRIPTION the person does not get 'free' access.

This is a shame! If you don't want to give away a 14-day trial for completely free, then don't, but don't employ such unethical ways to get data!

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First of all, you can just cancel the trial after the 14 days are up. There are many trial versions that work exactly the same way. If you don't like it you are free to NOT sign up for the free trial.

Second, this is not the best place to post this... you should contact Taunton Customer Service.

Good luck!

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