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And Lo! Unto Me a Child is Born...

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Hello Everyone! It's me! I can't promise to make this a long post because my little one is sleeping and we all know how unpredictable that is , but I'll do what I can and try to get back in the next sleep cycle.

Maximillian Xavier, born March 17, 2001 at 8:48 a.m., weighing in at 9# 3 oz., 20 inches long. He's beautiful, he's perfect as he can be (scored all 9's on his APGAR tests!
i (said the proud mother! (lol))
and he's a champion feeder - the boy is a natural breast man! And I can not possible describe to anyone how much I love him - there's simply no words. What I can say is that I never thought anyone would make me feel thrilled just to look at them, except DH. Now his son has the same power - my heart just isn't big enough for all the love I have for the two of them. Becoming a mother to this child is one of the two best things I ever did with my life.

Ooops, gotta run for a bit. My little one just woke up. Try to get back in a couple of hours!

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Never say never, I spoke too soon.

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A category all of it's own. Three hours, you were blessed!

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CSL you've sure brought back a lot of memories, 17yrs since my 1st c-section, and it seems like yesterday. TG it doesn't Feel that way.

Get rest while you can (hard picking up a little bruiser when your tummy hurts eh).
Kisses to Max!

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I always love it when little kids come in from playing outside when it's a little cool out. They always smell like freshly-mown grass to me. Anyone agree? And I remember vividly what my babies smelled like without lotion or anything on them. Push your face in Max's neck: get it right in there and inhale deeply. You'll recall it all your life. And close your eyes and rub your face all over his face. You'll always be able to recall the depth of the softness of a newborn. God.

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CLS, you have a wonderful way with words. Your story brought it all back (quite a few similarities with my first). I'm struck by your description of your DH's part in it all. I have a renewed appreciation for my DH's role in my non-labor and subsequent, unexpected C-section. Can you imagine those days when they didn't allow the father to be there?

As I mentioned previously, a C-section can be easier on the body than a vaginal birth. It may be uncomfortable for a while, but at least you can sit down.

The cheeks! (the ones on the face) That's what I was always partial to. And they are available for kissing for quite a few years.

Give Max a kiss on each cheek for me.

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Hey, everyone! Quick check-in. Max is sleeeee-eeeping! (LOL)

Had Max's 2-week check-up today. As we suspected, perfect in every way! He made up his initial weight loss + some. Weighed in at 9 lbs. 5 oz. He's such a dear, wonderful thing. We are still very happy despite the recent loss in sleep.

Rolls of film at the photo place. Should be getting some back today or tomorrow.

Syb, he does have beautiful, round, full cheeks. I love them, but I love the space on his neck just under his chin better. So sweet and kissable! He's going to get so sick of me attacking him there! (LOL)

Thanks for all the good wishes and advice and everything. I'll check back in again soon, hopefully with something interesting and non-baby-talk to discuss!

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Truthfully, I use to kiss the other cheeks, too. And the bottom of the feet. And those toes. And that dip in the back of the neck. My daughter still has one, and occasionally, if I've been extra-good, she'll let me kiss it again. It always has a curly wisp of hair over it...

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YYYYUUMMMMMMMMM that little spot, too.