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And Lo! Unto Me a Child is Born...

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Hello Everyone! It's me! I can't promise to make this a long post because my little one is sleeping and we all know how unpredictable that is , but I'll do what I can and try to get back in the next sleep cycle.

Maximillian Xavier, born March 17, 2001 at 8:48 a.m., weighing in at 9# 3 oz., 20 inches long. He's beautiful, he's perfect as he can be (scored all 9's on his APGAR tests!
i (said the proud mother! (lol))
and he's a champion feeder - the boy is a natural breast man! And I can not possible describe to anyone how much I love him - there's simply no words. What I can say is that I never thought anyone would make me feel thrilled just to look at them, except DH. Now his son has the same power - my heart just isn't big enough for all the love I have for the two of them. Becoming a mother to this child is one of the two best things I ever did with my life.

Ooops, gotta run for a bit. My little one just woke up. Try to get back in a couple of hours!

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You're good at it, you love it, might do it again, wow, and people really like you, too :-) I was lol, scared to death, and tearing up! Another great story-teller! I bet that would sell. Oh, and when he reads these threads, ahh, how history will have changed (or not) by then! (How's the kitty? ==^..^==)

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Max does have hair, but the jury is out as to whether it's light brown, which DH's was when he was little, or auburn. I can tell from the texture it will be curly like DH's, who keeps his short to keep it from curling.

His eyes are the "baby blue" color. We'll have to wait and see about that.

He has DH's chin - strong and manly.

Other than that, he looks like Max. I think it will be a while before we can tell who he looks like, if anyone at all.

I love his toes and his tiny fingers, but I also love to just kiss him under his chin, which he adores. He tips his head back and sighs and get's this thrilled look on his face! He's so cute. And when he goes to eat he just coos like he's thrilled and dive bombs the nipple, licks it, rolls his lips around then, then just attacks it and eats like a lumberjack! (LOL) He's so funny, I just love it. When he's all done eating, he kind of licks it with his little tongue a couple of times, then reluctantly let's it go, sighs, lets his head fall back with this satisfied expression his little face and his eyes closed and milk running down his little chin. Who wouldn't love breast feeding if that was the kind of reception and appreciation they got? Seriously, I get a whole lot out of it. I totally love it. It's fantastic.

He doesn't like to be swaddled tightly, but he likes socks and something to cover his hands and a blanket around him, but loosely. He can sleep through anything. He loves to sleep skin to skin with his father or with me. He's funny and cute and good natured and smells so good. I walk around all day, as does DH, with a dumb grin on my face. It's so weird. I never expected this, I really didn't.

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WHat a thrill to read your moving report on Max's arrival...I had one vaginal and three C-sections!!!!! It was like going thru it all over again!! CLS>>>>there is no true BLISS like that of a new mother and baby bonding. ANd know what?????? SOme of us mommies neva lose that grin even after they are grown......just ask my boys!!!!

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What a great tale, and what priceless descriptions! Warm, gooey & mushy thoughts from Alabama heading your way. Say, the hospital didn''t try to serve you lima beans, did they?

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Congrats CLS!! Great to read the tale. I'm sure I'm far from the only lurker that has been following this closely. (My wife never reads anything online but she's been following this baby...)

I have two kids - Bethany is 33 months, Nathan will turn one year old within 2 weeks. They are a lot of fun, always something new. Both of them love the cat (we got him ~4 months ago.) Playgrounds and sandboxes - those are the best.

Hope everything continues going so well. We're happy for you.
David from Denver

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Here's a site with the words to a whole bunch of nursery rhymes..some of which have tunes too.. Made up words are nice, though. Here is Hush Little Baby, along witht the song! Cyber hugs for you all.

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I hate to say this...

but I will have to skip your messages about Max... I am crying so much that it is hard to type

You have no idea how this touched me.
Maybe because unfortunately I will never have a baby, and your post was a bit like I imagine motherhood would be for me.

OH, well.

Enjoy every day of the rest of your life, you deserve to be in this heavenly state forever!

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What a tale, CLS. You'll remember it forever. I still remember both my girl's incredible births (though not as eventful as yours, my Dr. said I should have 10 kids, that I'm built for having children and my delivery was textbook and that he should have video taped it - yeah right, it was bad enough my last delivery was in a teaching hospital and that I had an audience, no way would I let someone video
i that

i does
change you, how can it not, it is such a wonderful experience. And what's great is that it keeps getting better and better - just like marriage. I'm so happy for you and Max and Greg. Keep the news coming, it brings back memories for me too.

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Where's the site, Jean???

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OOPS Posted before I was finished.. Sorry.

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i unfortunately I will never have a baby
Me, neither, Sally. DH and I tried as hard as we could, but we failed. We finally had to accept that we were never going to be parents and move on. Being at peace with it gets easier with time. There was a time when I could not read things like this without crying, either. But now I can, and I'm happy for you, CLS. You sound like every new Mom I've ever known-and it makes me smile that you are somehow surprised at how maternal you feel!

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What a lovely post! Congratulations to all of you. Nothing like that intantaneous feeling of love when you first see your child. Remembering those first few moments always gets me back to reality when the offspring start driving me crazy.

Take lots of pictures... the younger they are, the faster they change. You'll be glad you did.

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What wonderful post and description. You are such strong person. I'm very happy you and Max are doing so well. You are so lucky to have your Mom there to help.
As everybody says try to sleep when Max is asleep. Forget about the house. I don't know if this is happening to you but with my first baby was like adrenaline kicked in and never stopped I was always on ALERT mode. I didn't even feel tired.
Take care of yourself and family. Be patient with yourself (this is the most important lesson I have learned)

Please, give Max a big hug and kissie from us.

God Bless You and your baby and of course that wonderful DH.


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WOW...thank you for sharing such an intensely private time with us. You are so blessed and the most magical part of all of this is that you so clearly see that yourself. I wish for you, your husband and little Max the best and healthiest life possible!

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You are not alone in your joy/sadness. We too have had to put aside the notion of having our own baby. As time goes on it has become easier to share in others happiness of the gift of a child. There are still moments of wistfulness though...and after 20 years I imagine there will always be...sending you warm thoughts today!

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I just have to chime in about the nursery rhymes; I became so bored with singing "Rock-a-Bye Baby" over and over again, I invented 7 more verses! I only have three songs total in my lullaby repertoire, just because I wanted them to be _very_ familiar. And yes, I still rock my almost 4 year and 2 year old to sleep, most nights.

Once again, CLS, thank for sharing, and taking me back down memory lane...

Kristine K.

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Your talking to a person that was actually kicked out of Chorus in grammer school, because I could not carry a tune. I bore that embarassment all of these years. But let me tell you, when in desperation, I started to sing to by babies, they LOVED it! In the beginning you could be singing words from the dictionary and it wouldn't matter. It's the familiarity of you voice that sooths. A local radio personality, in the Bay Area, tells the story of bonding with his newborn. Being a "talk-show" host this new dad had to prepare for his show by reading. Reading a lot. Periodicals, newspapers, legal documents, etc. He would take the babe in his arms and just read out loud to the baby, and to himself at the same time. Get it? At this point the content does not matter. It's the association, of your voice, your arms, the warmth, the security.

b ON THE OTHER HAND, do not underestimate your baby. They understand you and your words, long before they can use words, to express themselves.

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First congratulations--toldja so--all is forgotten in the wonder of the moment(s)!! Glad all is well.
And yes, READ, READ, READ--now, now, now. It will instill a life long love of reading, it will be a bonding time and it will begin the patterning of speech and language that is built into a baby's brain.
When our new little grandson was born I was talking to the other grandmother about reading--she is a legendary elementary teacher here and our wonderful daughter-in-law is an only child. Her mother said, "Oh, yes, I read the Lives of the Presidents to E."
Our 2 year old granddaughter is such a book lover already--and just one more item, ALL reading materials should be treated with respect--no allowing messing up magazines--how will they know it isn't the same for books.

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Well, You done did it!

Motherhood/Fatherhood are new realms to which few books will teach you. Although Grasshopper did send us a copy of "The Baby Whisperer" which is the one book my wife has been follow as mantra. (Thank's again GH, we love you).

Congratulations! That was the end of the beginning. Now comes beginning of the fun stuff!



ps lil' Paris has a lot in the last week or so. Crying has been reduced and now she's starting to smile!

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David in Denver -

Thank you! I'm surprised there are lurkers following this little drama! (lol) But pleased. It's been a fascinating year - and this year is going to be better, I can tell.

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Well, I feel vindicated! My first "home nursing" visit from the hospital was yesterday. Max is doing better than well; she was actually surprised at how well he is doing, and so was I, kinda. All babies lose weight right after they are first born, and I was told by our pediatrician that he should be at his birth weight again by his 2 week checkup.

Well, Max came home on Wednesday at 8# 6 oz. On Saturday when the nurse visited, he weighed 8# 13 oz. This puts him in the "thriving" category, and the reason I'm vindicated is because it proves that Max and I knew what we were doing when it came to breast-feeding even though this lactation consultant I saw in the hospital insisted we weren't doing it right. She upset me pretty badly (what did I know, after all? I'm new at this!) but I finally ignored what she said because it wasn't working for us and just listened to Max, and we've been doing fine ever since. Obviously, we've been doing better than fine since he's gained so much weight in 3 days. Ha!

MP, so glad to hear Paris is settling down. I think my little gift may help!

For those of you who had a hard time reading this, please know I'm so sorry if I've caused any distress. Truly. You want to know something interesting? DH and I didn't think we could have children either. We were told in no uncertain terms that because of a condition of his, and a condition of mine, that if we wanted to have children we'd have to have medical "help" and even then no guarantee of success. That's one of the reasons we decided "no children" - we didn't want to put ourselves through that kind of pain and cycles of hope and disappointment.

You can more fully appreciate, then, that our shock at finding ourselves pregnant wasn't just that we take precautions, had been married so long and "didn't want children". My doctor said sometimes, these things just happen - the chaos theory at work. It also makes Max that much more precious to us.

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CLS & FAMILY. I've tried writing this message three times, deleted it, and just want to end up saying: thank you so very much for letting me/us know what it is like, everything, being pregnant, and especially, the birth and the days after.

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CLS, The feelings you have as a new mother are so hard to describe. You did it so beautifully. It is such a special time and I'm so happy you experienced it.

I find that smells bring back so many memories of the time when my babies were born. The smell of the room air freshners I used especially (I had home deliveries). And the smell of fresh cut grass, baby lotion, and the taste of pimento cheese. I know, it sounds strange, but you'll know what I mean some day. :)

Best wishes and hugs to you all...


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I find that smells bring back so many memories

And that continues and particularly with little boys. When my boys came in from playing outside in particular they just smelled "brassy"--it was so distinctive and funny to me.

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CLS, thanks for your lovely, evocative descriptions. I still recall our birth experiences in great detail (and they happened 11 and 9 years ago!).

I did a lot of singing and I STILL sing lullabyes on occasion. I sang "Pretty Little Horses"--a beautiful song--and "Hush Little Baby," but I made up words (we even made up some new ones recently while on a long drive; "if your polar fleece is too tight, papa's gonna buy you a dragon kite; if that dragon kite don't fly, mama's going to bake you a shoo fly pie, if that shoo fly pie tastes bad, mama's gonna tell you to go ask dad" and so on, ad infinitum et nauseum) as it's easy to make up verses appropriate to whatever you are doing.

I have to admit that I also sang "Baby Beluga" for YEARS and the other song that I still sing is the Morning Train song, sung on one of the Peter Paul and Mommy tapes. Lovely song. I also made up a tune to the "Little Fur Family" lullabye that's in the back of the book (one of my kids' favorite books).

Here's a song I wish I had known: Listen to Yo Yo Ma's CD done with the violinist and bassist (Edgar Meyer)--it's called Appalachian Journey. Allison Krauss sings a Stephen Foster song called "Slumber My Darling" and it is really beautiful. (The whole CD is great)

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DH and I were talking about that particular thing just last night during dinner. We were sitting next to a young family in a restaurant and we wished we could have just two weeks of time to repeat itself for us. We agreed that the time would be when the children were around 8 and 10 years old. The main reason we wished for our son to be that age was the scent of him, coming in after a hard day of play, with that sweet sweaty smell and him full of news of his day. We wouldn't change a thing about the two weeks, just relive it. ;-) Wish it could be.

Young families never believe how very quickly those days pass. I didn't either while living it. My second wish would be to relive the feeling of a baby inside special.

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AMEN!!!! Brings a big smile to my face.
And that is why we love getting our kids together and listening to them now--I still find out things I never knew--and how they felt about each other--and us! It's what my husband calls "psychic income"--feeds the soul.

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Thanks for sharing this CLS - beautifully put. I've never experienced a C-section so I was truly interested in your explanation of the process. Now I can say I can imagine what it might feel like. Thanks also for stiring up wonderful memories I have, it truly is a mind blowing, bursting with love time. I thank you for sharing your experiences and feelings. Now I have to say I am jealous of anyone who has not experienced back labor - since I had it with all three of my children.

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Yeah, that back labor is something else.....I remember experiencing this and, in complete denial, just thought I had a back ache.....A nursing friend of ours, came in, examined my swollen stomach, and told me to get to the hospital!!!! My son was born 3 hours later.....

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You mean the kind where you feel like you are a human wishbone and someone is trying to tug you apart????? AAAAAHHHHHH the memories.....the c-sections were the best, problem having that obligatory bowel movement before they would discharge you....OOPSSSS!!!! Did I ruin anybody's dinner here??? Sorry for my poor manners..:^)