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I am having so much trouble with posts

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Any idea why I am having such an issue with my posts? I post pictures and they don't show or when I add them within the post I can adjust their size and today I have tried 3 times to post a reply and with one error or another I haven't been able to do so :( any ideas?

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Posting pics

Sorry about the troubles kitchengoddess,

If images are either too small or too big, you will run into problems. Can you let us know what size images you're trying to post. We'll troubleshoot from there.

-CT Mods

Edited to test posting a pic. . .

Also, can you please tell me what browser and version you're using when posting to the forum? Thanks!

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Will do

I have tried from 2 different computers and the error has been different.  From one computer it is the issue of posting the pictures where they are there but don't show or when I add them right into the post they are too large although I have edited them.

I don't know which browser versions I am using at home but will let you know.  Thank you so much for looking into this.

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I'm running explorer 9 on one computer (where I had the issue that my post was lost i.e. I went to submit it and it gave me an error and then it was gone) and explorer 7 on the one where I am having the issues about uploading the photos.

Could you tell me what the max size for the photos is so I can just then modify them before posting them?

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Troubleshooting errors

Hi KG,

The maximum size of images is 6MB, which, I've gotta say, is pretty huge.

Knowing which browser you're using is helpful--thanks for including it. Unfortunately, different browsers (and versions) behave differently.

I've talked to our developer and a screenshot or a copy/paste of the error message would be very helpful, as well, espeiclaly if it's something NOT related to photo size (which is relatively easy to fix). I know it just looks like gibberish to us, but our developer knows exactly where to look in all that text for clues to the source of the problem you're experiencing. Since posting can be a problem for you, you don't have to try to post the screenshot or copy/paste of the error message you get here; just drop it in an email to Robyn, and she'll get it to our developer. Check your inbox for contact info.


CT Mods 

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Hey KG, have you considered uploading to a photosharing service like flickr and then embedding the images from there? Let me know if you want help.

Cheers, Jen

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so many accounts...

Thanks for the suggestion.  I hadn't considered that. I am trying to limit my online accounts in the many various websites so I hadn\t signed up for flickr.  I will see and if this doesn't clear up maybe I will just do that :S

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I downloaded google chrome today to see if it was a browse issue but I still have a problem when uploading. I took a screen shot of the error for you to see but it won't let me paste it and I don't have word on this computer or I would paste it to a document and then post.

The page gave a long script error but let me click back to the previous page and keep uploading the photos although all my text was gone :(

I would appreciate any further help you could provide.




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Unable to post

I, too, am unable to post in any other threads, even a simple one line post, no links, no pix.

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Sorry about the troubles,

Sorry about the troubles, Dashx,

Can you please tell me which browser you're using, and if you know it, the version? It's the first step to troubleshooting the issue with our tech team. Also, can you describe what's happening. . .meaning, are you getting an error message, a blank text box, does it seem as though your post is saving, but it doesn't actually save? If you're getting an error, are you able to copy/paste the message into an email so we can see what you're seeing?

Thanks so much, and again, apologies for your posting problems,

CT Mods

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I use FF 15 and the previous version in the last week - had issues with both.

Every time I posted, the message would pop up that my post triggered the spam filter, and was denied.  Closing and reopening the browser, and logging out and logging back in did not help.

I also no longer receive notifications if I'm following a thread.  There is nothing in my spam filter from FC.

I've already received an email that all should be well with posting.  Thanks for the help.

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Hey Dashx, I'm using Firefox 15 too and not having any problems-- but for a long time I was also triggering the spam filters. Then the Mods did something, possibly involving toad eyeballs, and now it's okay. Hope the solution works for you-- I want to hear more about the tomato-chipotle jam!


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visit the jam thread

I'm posting notes there now.

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toad eyeballs??

I wish you had told me that this ingredient was the solution to the posting problems!! baaa ha ha ha!!

Don't jinx me but it seems my computer and fine cooking made nice and we are back in business. I have to post the last few pictures though, so we'll see. :)