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Flaky Croissants

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Flaky Croissants (post #71692)


Hi - I am a new member here and new to forums in general.  I love to bake and try out recipes but the one thing that I keep failing at is making croissants - either the butter melts too quickly in the dough or the dough is too thick.

Is there any way to make a small amount of croissant - perhaps two and does anyone know how to make the crust be soft, moisy and flaky like what you get in restaurants?

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Welcome to the forum.  I hope you like it here and continue to post.  I am the wrong person to ask about croissants as I have never tried but here is a thread to a previous discussion on the subject.

It is a good idea when you have a question or a topic to put the subject in the search box near the top of your screen, that way you can see if someone else has already asked the question or pick up the thread where it was left off. I hope the one that I posted for you is helpful.

Report back on your progess and we love to share photos :)

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Hey cookwithv!

Mmm, croissants-- not simple to make, but very tasty. I've used the FC recipe in Issue 97 ( with excellent results-- I think there's even a video.

Because of the way you make croissants, layering butter into dough, it's really hard to make just a couple-- but they do freeze really well. I hope you try again-- good luck and keep us posted!

Cheers, Jen