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Happy Easter/Passover and what's cooking?

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Happy Easter all you Cook's Talk folks!  I hope you're all cooking up a great feast.  We're having a combination Easter and Passover, as I invited a mixed group of friends.  I'm making tea-smoked salmon, a favorite back from The Challenge:

Also gimlets!

Hope you all have a great one!

Cheers, Jen

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How was your feast?  I'd

How was your feast?  I'd enjoy hearing about it.

Our group is mixed so we usually celebrate Easter and Passover together.  This year I worked (boring story) so no cooking for me.

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Hey Dashx, it was great-- the salmon was excellent and my guests brought almost everything else, so there wasn't much work.  We got out grandma's good china and feasted-- the passover-celebrating guest brought flourless chocolate cake and blood orange ice cream, wow.  Many gimlets were consumed!

I made Dorrie Greenspan's lemon barley pilaf from her French Table book-- that was okay, but a little dull I thought.  Then on Monday, I mixed the barley with some spices, veg, and broth, then added the salmon for leftover soup-- that was really good, I love barley in soup.

Too bad you had to work-- did/will you have a make-up feast?

Cheers, Jen