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Birthday Cake

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Birthday Cake (post #71596)


Well, this past weekend was my b-day.  And I decided that a fabulous cake was in order.  I decided to make the spiced pear cake with whipped cream and caramel topping from my brand new Holiday Baking special issue.

The cake was not as heavy as I had expected it to be due to the reviews from the website.  The caramel and whipped cream combination was delicious.  The only thing is that the caramel kept dripping which I don't know why I didn't expect it to do... My cake stand doesn't have a rim so we ended up with some on the counter too, which I didn't mind as I had a lot of offers to help with the clean up :)

All my friends and family enjoyed it and I now have many requests to make this again in the future.

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Hey kitchengoddess, Happy Birthday!  That is a beautiful cake!  It came out lovely!

Cheers, Jen

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It was a lovely weekend.  The cake came out great and it was huge.  I had a lot of requests to please make it again.

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Interesting, I looked at the reviews and they do all talk about the cake density:

If you had not read the reviews, would you have thought it was heavy?  Or did you just have your expectations reduced?

It looks and sounds beautiful-- I may have to give it a try.  Sounds like you had a great birthday weekend!


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based on the description of the cake from FC I would have expected it to be a light and airy cake.  I myself did not find it to be heavy as I had expected.  Everyone that tried it commented on how light it was.  So, I don't know what the reviewers expected. The batter was much thicker than I had anticipated but it baked well.

I would make it again.  I does feed at least 16 ppl with good appetites.  This is not a small cake.

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Birthday Cake

Ohhhh, that is so yummy looking.  Might have to take a look at that recipe.

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Belated Happy Birthday!

It sounds like it was a fun birthday!  I usually make my own birthday cake, too.  A Yellow cake with Poppy Seeds, banana cream filling and sour cream chocolate frosting.

The cake looks great, and the picture of the caramel dripping down the side, with the frosting peeking through; I can just taste it!

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poppyseed cake

Hey Dashx, a poppyseed cake with custard filling is standard for birthdays in my family!  The banana custard sounds like a great addition!


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I'm too picky

Yeah, I am too much of a food snob to leave the cake to anyone else, really! HA  That sounds like a great cake to try too.  I don't make one every year but growing up my favourite was strawberry and custard with a white icing.  Couldn't tell you what type of cake it was but boy it was yummy!