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Almond Cookie Dough

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Almond Cookie Dough (post #71566)


The recipe in the FC Winter Cookie 2006 issue calls for whole almonds for the almond cooke dough.  I assume the almonds are peeled.  Is that correct.  They look really good.

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Hi Gerarda,

Is this the recipe?

If you look at the photos, the cookies appear to have little flecks, which could be almond skin.  Also, Alice Medrich (the author) is usually very precise, so I suspect you do not need to skin the almonds.  That said, if you don't want brown flecks, peel those suckers!

kitchengoddess, is this the dough you used for your chocolate thumbprints?  

Cheers, Jen

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Yes, but I cheated :)

What I did was buy ground almonds and made them in the stand up mixer rather than in the food processor.  And the cheat really worked! :) Definitely freeze the dough as the recipe calls for because It makes the dough bake so nicely.

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Almond Cookie Dough

Okay, I will keep the skin- that's a good point that there were "flecks" in the dough.

Thanks for the comment about the ground almonds.  I bought the ground almonds at Trader Joe's last week and was nervous about using.  I will definitely give it a try.  I haven't even started any of my baking yet!  Glad I am off next week.