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Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

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Hello ...I am going to purchase a KA stand mixer for my husband as a Christmas gift to feed his bread-making passion (esp brioche & crossiants).  Are there any specific models which you would recommend.  I will also use his gift for my baking pursuits. 


Thanks kindly for any input.

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Hi teewubs!

What a great gift!  My advice, especially for bread-making is to get the most power and biggest bowl you can-- something like the Professional 600 series, which has a 6-quart bowl.  Don't mess around with a 5-quart bowl.  

Also, wouldn't these flame decals be fun:

I think I'm going to get myself a set for my red KA!



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I agree with Pie.  I have a 5 quart bowl and it isn't best for making bread, and definitely look at the power because you don't want one that is going to sound like it is going to die every time he is kneading bread.

Good luck and what a great Christmas gift!!

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Ha, I'm glad teewubs brought this up, because I just HAD to get some of those flame decals for my mixer.  amazon has shipped them-- I will post pictures!

As for the KA, I got the highest-powered one I could find and it still gets a little hot-under-the-lid when kneading some doughs-- like bagels.  I love the KA though-- it makes everything so easy!


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I can't wait to see your pictures of the decals.  I laughed when I saw your post. :)

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Perfect timing, my husband just applied the decals-- dig this mixer, I am SO ready for holiday baking!!!

I don't think they will hold up very well, but for now, I am just enjoying them.


KA_flames.jpg52.44 KB
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Attention seeking!

WOW, those look awesome.  Your mixer now says "look at me...I'm on fire!" he he

I hope they make it through the holidays at least.

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Ha, me too!  In the fine tradition of my Polish forbears, who would keep their living room furniture covered in plastic so it would look "like new", I'm covering the decals in plastic wrap so they don't get messed up!


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Well preserved!

That is too funny.  I hope the plastic wrap helps keep it in place, and hey less cleaning too!! :)

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Stand Mixer topic

I have the Pro 600 in a copper color and those flames would look great on the mixer, but only for a short period of time, I would just ruin the decals from the get go. 

The 600 is fantastic and I was lucky enough to get a fantastic discount when I purchased it a few years back, it is a real work horse for bread-making.  Love it.