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Asian Recipes : Fried Rice Creations

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This application is about recipes from Asia that can be references for your cooking creation. The first edition of this Asian Recipes is about Fried Rice Cooking Creations. Here you can have numbers of fried rice cooking variants complete with pictures that already been tested before.

The recipes are simple and easy, the ingredients are also easy to find. However, this application is suitable for those who have iPad and practically want to learn how to cook. This application can be downloaded at Apps Store, here is the link :

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Are there SPAM recipes also?

Are there SPAM recipes also? Hope so.  ;o)

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I didn't consider this spam. 

I didn't consider this spam.  They posted in the proper thread, in an informative manner.  I did check it out on iTunes, and it needs some improvement, but it is an interesting idea.

Is it because it is being promoted by the seller/author that makes it spam?  How else are we to find out about new things? I only participate in one other forum, and a separate thread is used for deals and new software, etc. How should it be handled here?

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Thanks for the

Thanks for the reference.

Love the sharing feature but perhaps uploading pics to social media can be helpful.





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Hello, thanks a lot for this

Hello, thanks a lot for this I used it to created fried rice with my cottage cheese and it helped me a lot !!!