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Oven (post #71011)

Last year I bought a Tefal ACTIVYS oven , I supposed its a convection oven since it has heating elements & fan. However the heat are not consistent and now I'm thinking of buying a new oven which can also bake multi layers. After getting few quots from local distributors, I'm left with choices of commercial convection ovens such as Roller Grill, Unox & Sirman. But now the problem is that, all the models that is being recommended does not have any top & bottom heating element and hence, it doesn't have functions to control the heat (eg, on/off top or bottom heat).

So my question is:

1. How will this affect my baking?

2. If I ever need to control the heat, what should i do?


Note: I have just started a small homebaking business, selling mainly cookies but eventually I hope to venture on cakes.

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Oven and induction cooktop

Does anyone know what is the best induction cooktop (I would like combination of quality and also largest size zones for restaurant size pots) and the best wall oven on the market.