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share a magazine (post #71061)

hi I'm Polish girl, I lived in USA for 10 years. I fell in love with Fine Cooking, I'm a big fan. I came back to Poland, but I really miss the magazine, unfortunatelly it is to expensive to subscribe it here in Poland. i often check the Fine Cooking web site, but its not the same as holding the real paper magazin. i have a big favour to ask you, if you would please send me your old magazine [and cover the post fee] , the one you are just about to toss, i would be extremelly grateful. I know i ask a lot , but I had no one who would help me in this matter. my adress KATARZYNA ZALEWSKA,     CZARNOWO BIKI 12,     18-208 KULESZ KOSCIELNE,     POLAND

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You never know what folks may

You never know what folks may do, but my experience is that people who buy FC do not ever throw them away. Many people have them from the first issue.