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Cake Recipe to Cupcakes

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Hello - I am in love with FineCooking's Brown Butter Pumpkin Cake! I'd like to make this for a party, though as cupcakes instead of a cake. Does anyone know how I should adjust the cooking time and about how many cupcakes it should make? And how about if I did mini-cupcakes instead of full cupcakes? Minis might be better for a cocktail party. I'm thinking the cups should probably be filled 3/4 full since this cake doesn't rise much? 2/3 might leave them too flat... Thank you in advance for any help!

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Cake to cupcakes

I love that recipe myself and though cupcakes would be perfect.  I might just make it again and convert to cupcakes, paying close attention to the baking time of course.I can't begin to guess and I have changed cakes to cupcakes before, but I'm sure that there are some baking guidelines to explore, other than that, I would just hazard a guess the amount of baking time decreases of course, but by how much, I'm not sure.  There are a lot of bakers over at CooksTalk Classic so maybe someone can answer more than just this tidbit I found:

"Cakes and cupcakes bake in relatively hot ovens so that their structure is set quickly and the cake doesn't dry out during baking. Our recipe called for an oven temperature of 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Because of their small size, of course, cupcakes bake more quickly than cakes. Start checking for doneness at twenty minutes: the cupcakes should spring back when you touch the centers lightly with the tip of your finger."

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Thanks so much! I finally got

Thanks so much! I finally got these made. I started watching them at about 18 minutes and it seemed like they took quite a while. I dare say they may have taken 22-24 minutes which seems like a lot when the cakes only take 28. But, they turned out amazing! People are still talking about them. I did make a double batch of icing and had tons left over so I don't know if I needed the double batch - probably not. This will be one of my holiday season "go to" recipes for years to come!

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Wonderful and I'll let you know when I make them.  I did a double batch for the cake icing, but I think one batch is enough for cupcakes.