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Annual Hardcover FC

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Does anyone know if FC is printing the hardcover edition of 2010 issues this year?  If so where do I order it?  I can't find any reference to it in the books and dvds section of the site.

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No longer being published.

No longer being published. Just another thing that dropped by the wayside for Fine Cooking, and with no information to people who might really care.

I for sure no longer care.

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Declining interest

Thanks for the information.  I agree.  This website is a poor replacement for the old CT and the magazine itself has gone way down hill.  I've been a subscriber since issue one and feel that the current mag is nothing like the original.  Very disappointing or perhaps my age is catching up with me and I'm just getting "crotchity" in my old age!

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If  you want to join all the

If  you want to join all the old CT gang you can go to google and put in Delphi Forums Cooks Talk Classic and come join us. We are bigger and better.  They wouldn't make this forum user friendly in the new format as we had very much hoped they would eventually. It's the death knell. Come see us.