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Make It Tonight Recipes

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Daily I get a Make It Tonight Recipe, like many of you probably do. My problem is I would open the email and if I liked the recipe I hit file and "thought" I was saving it in my documents. But when I go back to see the recipes I've saved, they are not there. I screwed up and saved them with the extension 'web archive'. Anyway... do any of you know how or where to find the Make It Tonight Recipes so I can save them in a different manner?


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Make it tonight...

I'm not quite sure about that and I only did a quick check, maybe write to Robyn to see if she has some suggestions.  I don't know how much mail you save or haven't dumped, but look in the search box in Outlook/in my case and maybe you can retrieve some of the notifications.  Other than that, there are special publications dedicated to make it tonight and each issue should have listings.  Idunno.

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Save Recipes to Your Favorites Folder

Hi Carla,

For those times when “Make it Tonight” becomes “Make it Next Week,” try saving the recipes to your Favorites folder on the site. Here’s how you can hold on to recipes for later reference: In the eLetter, click on “Get the Recipe.” When the recipe comes up, click “Add To Favorites” in the orange bar above the recipe title (if you’re not signed in to, it’ll prompt you to do so). Access your Favorites folder by clicking the “Favorites” link at the very top of the screen. See my screenshot if you need help finding the links.

Try it out and let me know if you need help.

P.S. Thanks for subscribing to the Make it Tonight eLetter!  


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Good to know

I have been saving the e-mails in a special folder for the ones I want to try but know that I won't make them tonight.  Then I can go back and review them at the end of the week to plan ahead for next week. 

I didn't even think to save them to my favorites, duh!

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Saving Make It Tonight Recipes

Thank you so much Robyn,

Your suggestion worked like a charm. Now, for the second question... I thought I saved about 15 Make It Tonight recipes over the past month or so, but  I didn't save them correctly and they are gone. I have the titles of the recipes I wanted.  Do you know where I might go on the Fine Cooking site to find them and now save them correctly?


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You're welcome!

You're very welcome, Carla. 

Since you've got the titles of the recipes handy, plug them into the search box, one by one, on's homepage (it's up in the right hand corner and says "powered by Google"). The results page should include the recipe you're looking for. If, for some reason, a recipe you want doesn't come up in the results, keep a list and feel free to send me a private message through the forum with the recipe titles. I'll send you links to the recipes so you can save them to your Favorites folder.

Here's a tip: Go to's homepage and hover over the orange "Recipes" icon (sorry, this tip doesn't work on forum pages). Next, under the "Occasion/Season" heading, click "Summer." You'll see most of the recipes in #106, all of the recipes from #105, and all other recipes FC's published that people are likely to cook or eat in summer. Since our Make It Tonight daily eLetter is relatively new, lots of the recipes we've picked can be found on those summer pages and seeing the recipe photos might help you find those lost favorites quickly (or you'll get wonderfully distracted by some new favorites to add to your folder).

Let me know how it goes,



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not getting emails

hi.  when i opened an account i thought i requested to receive daily "make it tonight" eletters.  I haven't been getting any emails.  Does anyone know why and how i can change my account to make sure i receive a recipe a day via email?

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The easiest thing to do is to

The easiest thing to do is to first login to Fine Cooking (or any other Taunton Press publication).

Next, If you have any email from Fine Cooking or Taunton Press, open the email, and at the bottom of the email is a link to update your email preferences.  Since you are already logged in, you'll be taken straight to your page to update preferences.

Check or uncheck publications as desired.  Make sure you DO NOT have checked "I do not want to receive email from Taunton Press".  If you do, in my expereince that negates receving publications even if you've checked you'd like to receive a specific publication.

Click submit at the bottom of the page.

You may want to add or to your white list or address book or however your safe list is set up in your email account.  If you don't do this, on occasion the eletter may go into the spam folder.

Here's the link in the customer service section that explains this:

Also, when you registered, you may have said ok to the FC newletter, not the Make it Tonight newsletter.