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How Far Ahead . . . ?

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can I prepare beef before I serve it?  I love the Asian-Style Short Ribs recipe and have made it many times, always a day or two in advance (tastes better and it's easier to defat), but I wonder if I'll be stretching it too much if I prepare it Thursday and serve it Sunday.  Anyone know?  Thanks in advance!

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it depends...

....on how cold your refrigerator is, etc.  I assume this is a braised recipe.  If you're not sure, put it in the freezer.  In my kitchen, four days should be no problem, but your refrig may vary.  Happy cooking!


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I'm going to put it in my

I'm going to put it in my outside frig which is very cold, so I think it will be okay.  Thanks for the response!

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You could always freeze it

You could always freeze it and then defrost.  Nonetheless, I really preferr the fresher food.