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freeze cake with whipped cream layers?

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Hello fellow bakers,

I am wondering if you cn help me. I have been asked to bake a cake and the person has sked to have layers of whipped cream between the cake but she wants to freeze the cake ...they are going away for a weekend and want the cake ready for a Friday and then put it in the freezer until the Sunday. Can you freeze whipped cream cakes? I have never frozen whipped cream so not sure how it turns out once the whole cake thaws. I will be putting a bit of gelatin in the whipped cream to stabilize it. Can you let me know if any of you have ever frozen cakes that have layers of whipped cream in them?


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Yes, you can freeze cakes

Yes, you can freeze cakes that have whipped cream between the layers and even on the outside (as a frosting).  You are correct to stabilize the whipped cream with gelatin (you can also use piping gel - it's a little easier to incorporate without getting lumps of undissolved gelatin in your whipped cream).  I've used the recipes found here: although I had to add a little extra water to the piping gel recipe to get it to work.  You can also use storebought piping gel instead of making your own.  Hope this helps! :)

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thank you! I normally do not

thank you! I normally do not have problems with stabilizing the whipped cream and I never have lumps..but thank you for the other option.  I was just not sure whether once the frozen cake and whipped cream when it thaws will the whipped cream run. And the cake does have whipped cream on the outside of the cake too. SO thankyou again.!

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My pleasure!  Now that you

My pleasure!  Now that you mention it, would you be willing to share your recipe for whipped cream with gelatin?  I've used this one but after too many lumpy batches switched to the piping gel recipe.  Also, do you have any tips for avoiding lumps?  Thanks so much!

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Sure...for 1 cup of whipped

Sure...for 1 cup of whipped cream, I put 1/2 tsp of unflavoured gelatin into 1 tbsp. of cold water...let it soak up for a minute or so and then reheat in the microwave until not let it boil or get really hot...then once my whipped cream has been whipped, I slowly pour the gelatin mixture into it. If the gelatin mixture is too hot, it will deflate the whipped cream...let me know how this goes if you ever use this method.

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Thanks! Your recipe looks

Thanks! Your recipe looks similiar to the ones I've tried in the past, but less complicated.  I hope to have better luck with yours! :)