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New format, again

Madeleine's picture I found the baking folder after scrolling what seems like forever. But I still prefer the old format. It was much more user friendly. Maybe I will get used to it, but I suspect I just won't visit much at all.

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If you go back to the very

If you go back to the very first incarnation of CT, every single board change has elicited the same response "I like the old way!" It's like the ebbing tide, it never changes - very predictable. I think out of all the boards I visit, this one has changed the largest number of times.

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Well, here you are again.

Well, here you are again. Welcome. I really only remember one other change that had everyone riled, but this one has a LOT of things that just don't work, and aren't being fixed very quickly. We have gathered elsewhere for the time being and are trying to be patient waiting for the format to become 1) useable and 2)user friendly. NOT asking for the old one to be "restored". Let us know if you want an address to join.
One fix they HAVE done is the ability to make this box large by pulling down on the bar in the middle of the bottom line. You can at least see your entire post without scrolling.

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New format again

I am very unhappy about this new site.  In the past I had no problem searching for ideas and often times your name was posted and commenting on important discussions.  Even though I didn't write in much I knew you were all there for research and help.  Now, I hate logging in.  It's just not the same.  I still enjoy my magazine and don't mind the changes although I do prefer the old, old one,  I can accept the new look.  But this web's terrible.  Is there a suggestion as to how to maneuver around?  

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Most of the old posters have

Most of the old posters have migrated to another forum until this one has worked out the "bugs".. As you may notice, we've been waiting for 5-6 months, and some are still hoping for improvements to make this useable. Others have given up and are probably never coming back.
If you would like to take a look at the other forum, which is handled like the old one, here is the link

Saying again, since I do say above that the Delphi forum is like the old one, we are NOT asking for this forum to be like that--just USEABLE in some ways like the old one.

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I think the difference is

I think the difference is that in all of the previous changes the new software was useable and relatively error-free right from the get-go.

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