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Oscars, anyone?

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I myself thought this was about the dullest broadcast ever, but I'm still a bit surprised there's no discussion at all...

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Because of change in the

Because of change in the forum software, a lot of members have abondoned this site.  You can find the new site that is pretty mucy a mirror of this one at:


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Thanks-   i did find a link

Thanks-   i did find a link to that site shortly after posting this and found everyone!

So... what's the point of the site change then?

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LOL, that's the $64,000

LOL, that's the $64,000 question. We think Taunton made the change so that they could get all their various sites running on the same platform, and also the old CT wasn't readily searchable by Google, so that affected traffic and ad revenues.

However, the new format isn't really functional, and we've been waiting for them to make key changes to make it more so since early Dec. Changes are promised soon, but for the last 3.5 months we've all migrated to the Delphi site where we can continue to interact as the community that we were here.

Perhaps someday some or all of us will come back, although that seems less likely with each month that goes by.

Anyway, we had a lively Oscar discussion at CTC--look in the IPKE folder.