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mandoline slicer

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I'm intrigued by an Epicurious recipe for potato wrapped halibut with sauteed spinach. A mandoline slicer is needed for the paper thin potatoes. FC had some mandoline reviews in issue#100, basically DeBuyer and then the low end Oxo V-Blade. I already have a professional food processor that will do just about everything EXCEPT the mandoline slice, so I'm trying to rationalize purchasing a mandoline slicer for one recipe! In the current issue, #103, Tony Rosenfeld's article on scalloped potatoes is recommendint the hand held Microplane slicer. Any thoughts? Reviews on AMazon are really divided for the oxo higher priced mandoline. Not looking to spend $100 here..but I want something to slice potatoes without aggravation.

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I gave my industrial grade

I gave my industrial grade mandoline to DsonIL for Christmas. There is a slicing knife, and Target is now carrying a very nice mandoline slicer for $15.

I do it with my knife. Not fast, but possible.

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Just get a thin slicer blad

Just get a thin slicer blad for the cuisinart, use a knife or get a cheap plastic mandoline. Or wrap the halibut in something else, or eat pizza.

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"Just get a thin slicer

"Just get a thin slicer blad"

Or get a thin slicer vlad.

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Blads and vlads are both

Blads and vlads are both good, but i vote for the pizza!

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Oxo V-blade = no good.  It's

Oxo V-blade = no good.  It's cheap plastic and the blade removal system is dodgy.

I like the Kobra by DeBuyer, $50 @Williams-Sonoma.   

If you really want to spend the money and love your Cuisinart, buy an extra blade for it.  But even those are hard to get perfectly thin potato slices from.


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