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fine cooking new magazine specials

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fine cooking new magazine specials (post #69346)

In the latest magazine special editions (Chocolate, Italian, etc.) there are no longer notations in the index as to the recipes being published before in the monthly editions or being brand new, never before published recipes. Does anyone know if these are new or wether I already have them in my old issues

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They are always from the old

They are always from the old issues.  I bought their last Chocolate issue a few years ago, so will not be buying this new one (or any others) as I have every issue since then.

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The very first compilation

The very first compilation issues had one or two new recipes, but not for the last several years, they are all repeats. The Comfort Food ones had a couple that I love that aren't on the website or in any past issues. I've stopped buying them because they don't have anything I don't already have.