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Espresso machine

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I am thinking of buying an espresso machine, the type that takes pods.

Any thoughts on what is the best? I like my drinks hot so that is about the only criteria, also, not too much work.


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Hi There are so many types


There are so many types of Espresso machines available on the market today ..These are the some best Espresso machines can buy any one of these at best price ...

Piston Driven Espresso Machine

Steam Driven Espesso Machine

Pump Driven Espresso Machine

Espresso Machne Automaticity .....

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I think JOsie is talking

I think JOsie is talking about the newer "espresso" machines using the pods (as she says in the post).  I can't call any of the common names now.  There was one on sale at Costco recently that many people have been praising.

Josie, whatever one you choose, I would suggest it be one that does not require ONLY the use of their pods.  There are many now that you can make pods from the coffee you particularly like, and it will cut your costs.

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Obviously I didn't open the

Obviously I didn't open the links and just got around to "reading" them.  What is UP with the spammers.

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Hi Saeco espresso machine


Saeco espresso machine is one of the best machine because with the help of Saeco espresso machines you can make all sorts of espresso in your home and without breaking anything. The Saeco espresso machines are easy to use and anyone can use them to make espresso at home....

All the best ...


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My Francis Francis X1 takes

My Francis Francis X1 takes pods and ground espresso. 

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I also recommend the FrancisFrancis

I have an X1, too. The pods are a nice convenience sometimes, but I like the flexibility to be able to make a "real" cup of espresso with freshly ground coffee. 

Plus it looks so cool on the counter! (Mine is orange.)