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Basic Training

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Hello all--

My nephew (on my husband's side) is about to leave for basic training-- my understanding is that he will be in the Navy on a submarine crew. My question is, what is the appropriate gift (if any) for a young man leaving for the Navy? His mother is throwing a party this weekend. I am not from a military family and have absolutely no clue in this matter, so I welcome your advice.


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I do not even want to think

I do not even want to think about how many years ago it was that I went off to Navy bootcamp! He will not really be able to take anything with him so I would look at something that can be sent to him when he graduates. Every sailor needs a good watch or a good pocket knife. Since he is going to be a bubble head (slang for a sub sailor) a Fisher Space pen would be a good idea, I kept a journal and wrote a lot of letters but we didn't have e-mail in the old days.

I can tell you this there is nothing like a regular care package from home once he is in the fleet, my mother sent toll house cookies and they were the BEST thing I could have ever received.

Bootcamp was the best job I ever had, three hots, a flop and I got paid to walk in a straight line, fold my cloths and get in great shape, what a deal.

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Wow! 30 years plus since

Wow! 30 years plus since bootcamp, but unless things have changed, you can only take a limited amount of items and they must be on an approved list.

I do know that mail call was very exciting, and it was a much, much nicer day if I got mail. A card a couple of times a week would be nice, even if it doesn' really say anything. Just getting your name called means something. On that note, you might want to find out if there is anyone NOT getting mail and send them a card too.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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I did some work for the Navy

I did some work for the Navy a few years ago. My guess is that there's much less "mail call" than there used to be. In the surface Navy (i.e. excluding submarines) all the ships and sailors have email.

I assume that subs are different because of their need to be stealth but I don't know the details. My program didn't address subs and I was never on one.

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Wow, never even entered my

Wow, never even entered my mind that bootcamp would have email. LOL.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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Thanks everyone! Great

Thanks everyone! Great advice-- and funny to think how things have changed. I will try to get together a care package or two, once he has started. That is, if I can get his parents to cough up the appropriate address-- they are not the most organized folks.


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all good advice. What seems

all good advice. What seems funny but really isn't is addressing his letters to Admiral . I was in boot camp and my friends sent me a letter Lt Col. Rich. The DI didn't share their humor. Rich

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Ha, I will avoid changes in

Ha, I will avoid changes in rank, as well as addressing his mail to "slug-boy" and/or "bunny boots." Probably just a good-sized batch of homemade goodies-- enough to share-- will be my contribution.


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Hey All! Thanks again for

Hey All!

Thanks again for your suggestions. Unfortunately, it turns out that the nephew cannot receive any packages-- only cards and letters. So we are sending him a valentine!