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exporting to mastercook

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Fine Cooking recipes don't seem to want to export to MasterCook. I always get an error. I don't have this problem with any other recipe website, whether it's a general cooking site or one connected to a publication. Anyone else experience this and can anyone tell me why? I end up typing the entire recipe -- very time consuming when there are several, well, even when it's just one!

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Same problem here... Using

Same problem here...
Using Mastercook 8 and Windows XP. Haven't a good work around yet, but will let you know if I come up with anything...

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If you are using Windows

If you are using Windows Vista, working around on MC is a real pain. I just highlight the recipe I want to import and copy it to "Import Assistant." Clean it up, and transfer it straight into MC...just follow the instructions. I never have to type a recipe if I can copy it. I've even scanned them and put them in this way.

If you are using XP, just activate the MC window on the tool bar, highlight the info and drag to the MC window.


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Jim, Thanks for the advice re

Thanks for the advice re the , but the MC highlight technique doesn't seem to work for me. (running XP on an older machine). Looks fine until I try to save it to a cookbook. Then the error message.
I'll just have to keep reading the mags themselves till they fall apart. =)

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MasterCook 11

Just thought that I would mention that MasterCook 11 is a big PIA, I have Windows 7 and it is supposed to work.   Very slow, crashes a lot, no backup and merge, no support, their page is gibberish, but on the good side, the MasterCook bar works for me. 

Very disappointing and I sure wish that they would come up with patches to make the program function right all the way around.

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I've always used Import

I've always used Import Assistant to add recipes. Just like it better.

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Amy, If it works for FC I'll

If it works for FC I'll have to try it.
The only other site I used to have problems with is Rachel Ray's Magazine site.... Same problem.
Time to read the manual I guess !

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Abandoning MasterCook

Well I have had noting but trouble with MC the last two versions, so I totally abandoned the program in favor of Living Cookbook and have had not one issue to date.  No problems at all in transferring what was not corrupted in MC, but the majority of the recipes were compromised in one way or another, backup, backup, backup as often as you can and to an external drive or flash drive. 

I have used MC since the first version, but the newer version are nothing but trouble for me.  Just sayin...