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Stranger In A Strange Land

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Excuse the sawdust and the oder of wood stain, but I thought it might be a good time to see the new and improved(?) format.

I'm a refugee from Fine Woodworking (which I can sometimes do) and Fine Homebuilding (which I've helped do) poking around in Cooks Talk (which I can sorta do.........sometimes) to see what all the fuss is about.

This certainly looks different! If ya'll don't mind, I'll just poke around a bit and try to get a feel for what's coming.


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Welcome to CT. You aren't

Welcome to CT. You aren't getting us at our best, we're all grumpy about the new format right now.

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You should see what's being

You should see what's being said on FWW and FHB. They haven't switched over yet and the talk isn't nearly as genteel as in here. - lol

Hmmm. Just noticed that there's no spell check. Bummer!!

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Hey, I do believe I "met" you

Hey, I do believe I "met" you Dave while I was poking around on Knots and BT--by all means, have a look around. But Heather's right, we're all crabby about what's been done to CT. If they keep postponing the BT conversion maybe that's a sign they are applying what they're learning from the mess here.

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Yeah, that was me. Now that

Yeah, that was me. Now that I've seen what is coming (or might be, anyway), I'm even less thrilled that I was before.

I see that a lot of you cook types have issues with the switchover coming right at the "cooking season" and agree that the timing is the pits. For us BT'ers and WW'ers summer would have been much better - when we were too busy to get all worked up about a website change (he says looking out the window at the rain and snow covered San Jose, CA!!??) - lol

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You got snow Dave? I'm up in

You got snow Dave? I'm up in the North Bay but nothing here that I've seen, but I'm sure the surrounding hills got some. Sun is shining now. Supposed to hit 23 degrees here tonight. Unusual.
I think the thing that bothers me and many other CTers is that it doesn't appear any effort was made to tailor the new system to the functions that were clearly needed based on how our community operates. I was hoping the problems here would make the powers that be decide to hold off on BT and Knots until they could do some of this customizing. Would be far easier on everyone, including Taunton!

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If they were going to notice

If they were going to notice and do anything with the 'problems', they would of done something between the gardeners ahd here, ya know?

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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Probably true Adele, but

Probably true Adele, but trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.

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Well, I guess that the games

Well, I guess that the games have begun. I just tried to go to Breaktime and got shooed away 'cause they're "raising a roof" - lol

Ya'll ladies might want to put your hands over your ears 'cause I'm betting that the screaming will be long, loud, and "colorful".

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Dave, perhaps it's a sign of

Dave, perhaps it's a sign of my evil twin residing within but I think I will be getting a little perverse pleasure out of watching the reaction at BT once your site is up again, esp among those who were characterizing CTers who are unhappy about the new format as being resistant to change. I think BTers will realize it's not resistance to change that is the issue, it's that the tool is no longer right for the job because key functions have been lost.
Good news is maybe Robyn will have figured out how to restore some of them and BT will benefit from that.
Good luck.

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Awww, Kathy - I thought that

Awww, Kathy - I thought that you were a lady. - lmao

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Dave, I am, but my evil twin,

Dave, I am, but my evil twin, not so much.

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Which one does your hubby

Which one does your hubby prefer? - lol

I used to really annoy #2 daughter by saying that it really wasn't fair that Sybil had nine personalities, but that she didn't even have one. I soetimes wonder how she got thru puberty without attempting murder on her dear old Dad. - lol

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I'm not married but not sure

I'm not married but not sure about my evil twin, will have to ask her

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Since your evil twin "resides

Since your evil twin "resides within", you might be better off with a don't ask, don't tell policy. The alternatives could get a little weird. - lol

On a more serious note, I see that HTML tags are "allowed", but have no idea of how to actually use them. Any ideas?

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I see that HTML tags are

I see that HTML tags are "allowed", but have no idea of how to actually use them. Any ideas?

Yep. :) It can be a bit tough to explain, but I'll try.

Basically, the tags listed would turn on the formatting, and then you have to "close" the tag (using a slash) to turn it off.

For example, let's say I want to put part of the following sentence in bold:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

I would type it like this (using < and > in place of the brackets):

The [b]quick brown fox[/b] jumps over the lazy dog.

If I use < and > in place of the brackets, it looks like this upon displaying:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

And if I don't put the close tag, everything after the initial tag will be bold, because I never turned it off.

Clear as mud??

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if you use Firefox as your

if you use Firefox as your browser, there are add-ons to help with some of the problems mentioned here:
- BBCode will allow you to format with HTML by highlighting, right clicking, and choosing formats. Be sure to use HTML tags, and not BB tags (I just disable all but the HTML tags when I set up the add-on)
- no squint will magnify the entire webpage, making things easier to read for those who's eyes, like mine, are getting old

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Tracy, Thanks for explaining.


Thanks for explaining.

PS. To the others: it doesn't show up until you post or preview.

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(i) is this working? (/i)

(i) is this working? (/i) or is it this?

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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The second one. LOL. :)

The second one. LOL. :)

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I suspect that some (most?)

I suspect that some (most?) of the issues result from the platform they're going to. My money says that the developers don't have a good handle on what everyone liked about the old site so they don't really know what functionality losses will cause the most complaints. The "fixes" will come after they make the switch and hear the screaming.

Yeah, we see snow in the hills a few times a year. The last snowfall in San Jose was in '76, but the hills get dusted 3-4 times a year.

I lived in Vallejo from '70 - '73 while I was stationed at Mare Island and have good memories of cruising the wine country on weekends when it was still cheap. - lol

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That's what bothers me so

That's what bothers me so much Dave, I work in Marketing Communications so am involved in developing websites and microsites etc all the time. The FIRST thing our designer does is audit the existing site to map out what works and what doesn't, what needs to be retained. That's so elementary that I am dumbfounded it wasn't done here.
I lived on the Peninsula in 1976 and remember that snowfall well. My first (and last) ever snow day to get out of school.
Our hills get it every year but not on the valley floor so I was hoping maybe today. But I don't think we got much rain at all.

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Finding out "what works",

Finding out "what works", unfortunately, can have multiple meanings. One would be the technical issues about the program, and another (and far more subjective) is figuring out what the users like/dislike about a site and why they prefer it to other sites.

BTW, you mentioned in FWW that you might come back to see pictures of some of the projects. Please do. I love showing off. - lol

I'm seeing quite a bit in here that I dislike (the site, not the company - lol) and hope that these things can be worked out in the future.

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You're right Dave. For one

You're right Dave. For one thing they didn't understand our long conversations back and forth that result in very extended threads. This format might work if each thread were only a few posts long, it would be easy to see new posts and understand who was responding to whom. With our lengthy threads, it is just too much trouble to scroll through the whole thing to try to find the new posts scattered throughout. Making it even harder is that they don't seem to mark all the new ones as such. It may say, "6 new" in the left-hand column but I'll be damned if I can find more than 2.

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I couldn't agree more,

I couldn't agree more, Heather. I've been in conversations in FWW and FHB that lasted for days and I was only really talking to 1-2 people - and knew little about what the thread was really about.

I'm really gonna miss getting email notification of responses. It was fun mousing over the email line and seeing who had responded. Often, that was a clue to what they were gonna be saying. - lol

Heather's picture

I miss the email

I miss the email notifications too. I have a feeling that is something that they can't bring back since there is no "reply to" button.

Dave45's picture

Heather - At the top of the

Heather -

At the top of the left side column, there's a list that includes "My Inbox". Do you have any idea what it's for?

TracyK's picture

Not Heather, but that's where

Not Heather, but that's where you can read your private messages.

Click on a person's username and it brings up their profile, which includes the option "send this user a message."

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I just played with My Inbox

I just played with My Inbox and sent an email to 2 people and myself. You put in the start of a person's name and then pick which name and send a regular email. On the LEFT, above your box, you will see: email or something when it gets to you and then you just click on it. I hope the names were correct, otherwise people are going to wonder who the hell I am talking about flashes, smoking and ice cream all in one sentence. LOL

Edit- checking the google spell check IT WORKS!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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I'm another one from Knots

I'm another one from Knots and Breaktime, looking at the new format.

Presbyopia and "dunlopped disease" would make me ask for a font size one or two up. Frankly, I prefer the old layout, in part because it's what I've become accustomed to over the years, both with Taunton and at Baen's, as well as other fora I visit now and then.

We'll see what happens. The new format is not being well-received across the hallway. No idea what Taunton's reasons are, cost could be one of them, termination of support by the software maker could be one.

Best to y'all, have a merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous new year.

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Hey Leon! You can make the

Hey Leon! You can make the size bigger by hitting: Control +. Or, you can go to the toolbar at the bottom of your screen and you'll see: 100% or 75%. Click on that and then you can click on 125% or more to make the words bigger. At least that's how you do it on mine and I'm basic.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!