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It would be great if we would see who the mods are.

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I would like to see who the mods are at the top of the pages like most of the other forums.

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That's a good idea, mireille,

That's a good idea, mireille, I didn't even know we had a moderator until last week. I think her name is Robyn. I'd like to know what exactly her role is. I get the sense that even the forum moderators weren't given a chance to preview the new format, but I could be wrong about that.

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I can answer this. My role on

I can answer this. My role on the site is Web producer. I'm relatively new to FC, but not new to Taunton's forums. I consider myself a community advocate--in that if I don't know an answer or can't fix a technical problem for someone on CooksTalk, I can find someone who can. It may take a little time, but please understand, I'm learning along with the rest of the community.

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Robyn, no one is blaming you

Robyn, no one is blaming you for this mess. It is just that you are a convenient scapegoat (is that a nice way of saying that Taunton has thrown you to the wolves?) I just wish that whoever decided to change the web site had bothered to talk to some people who spend a lot of time here before such a change was made.

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I can't believe Taunton

I can't believe Taunton didn't learn from the fiasco.

They did just the same.

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And an other example of how

And an other example of how bad this format is for users:
I remember having posted in 3 or 4 threads or topics yesterday.
I found this one, but can't find the other ones. Don't know if anyone answered me.

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Can you address the question

Can you address the question that we are all asking: didn't anyone go through this new format before it was changed?
There is no way a sane person could switch from a format that was liked by all, with a very few exceptions that could have been fixed, to this mess!! We are ALL waiting anxiously for this answer!!!

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Yes we did work in a test

Yes we did work in a test environment very shortly before launching--to the extent we could. Did we uncover every bug we've encountered since? No. Are we working as quickly as possible to fix whatever does come up? Yes.

It takes time.

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I think everyone would feel

I think everyone would feel better if we could believe we were getting honest answers. Did anyone at Taunton actually think this was a better format than we had? Did anyone at Taunton ask for input or testing or opinions from anyone on CT? Did anyone at Taunton think about the timing of this, and the impact it would have on the people who depend on this site? I honestly would respect the people at Taunton more if they simply said that the former site was too expensive, or if they admitted the timing was bad, or if they said what they were trying to fix. I understand it takes time. I spent my entire career after college working with computers. I realize that the problems cannot always be foreseen. I realize that what some salesman says is great isn't always what it's purported to be. I just hate being treated as though we have no choice. I know we don't, but I hate being treated that way.

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Thank you for answering. I

Thank you for answering. I really fail to understand how you could have "worked in a test environment very shortly before launching", and not have realized how bad it was! I do hope that you are listening to all of us and do a very quick fix as soon as possible. I would really hate to see a mass exit!!

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I hope the search function

I hope the search function for the forum returns ASAP. Three weeks until the holidays-what were you people thinking? I wanted to make MadMom's peppermint bark-no way to search by name-scroll after scroll after scroll.

If you eat pasta and antipasta, are you still hungry?

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If you want the recipe, I can

If you want the recipe, I can probably look it up for you. Let me know.

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Font color is not a "bug". It

Font color is not a "bug". It is a basic design decision. Who did that? When? Certainly not last week.
How messages are handled is a design.
Too many to list--again.

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Several people have said the

Several people have said the orange doesn't bother them. So no, it's not a bug, but it is an aesthetic preference. Which is also difficult to predict.

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So many questions have been

So many questions have been asked and none answered. So we assume you don't know or the people you ask don't know or won't tell. The only other answer is that nobody cares.

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Meanie: FWIW This is the

Meanie: FWIW This is the "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out" email that I received when I told them I was jumping ship and why.

"RE: New Format
Monday, December 7, 2009 8:37 AM
From: "Robyn Aitken"
To: "Regality"


Thanks for the feedback, and sorry to lose you. It’s the opposite of what we’re hoping for, but I understand that the transition is very difficult for lots of people. If it helps at all to know it, all of the editors are working as quickly as we can to work through feedback and act on what we can.

Take care,


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Regality, I'm so sorry you

Regality, I'm so sorry you got such an email. Yes, I agree with your characterization. Please either stick with us a while longer or be sure that someone has your email before you go. I keep hoping that things will improve.

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I'd like to see what Regality

I'd like to see what Regality said in her email. Somehow I'd bet it perhaps could have been phrased better.

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That's not how I intended it

That's not how I intended it to come across, Regality. I'm honestly sorry to lose any member of the community and have said so publicly on the forum, and privately (or so I thought) in emails. Sorry if it didn't come across as sincere.

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That is the typical "blame

That is the typical "blame the victim" apology. You aren't sorry that the site sucks, you are just sorry that this person finds the transition difficult (implying that it's all their fault, not yours.) I'm sorry, Robyn, I have to assume you are trying to resolve the problems, but there was no "we are listening to your complaints and are going to fix..." with an enumeration of the issue and the time it might take to fix it. People seem pretty universal in their complaints, yet all I've heard is that the search function might be fixed some day. Big deal! That should have been done before the system was foisted on us.

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Wow. That's a real

Wow. That's a real behind-smacker of a response.

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