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Why has no one addressed any of our concerns ???????????

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Do you not care?
Do you have no clue?
Are you too busy?
Are you on drugs?
Do the Computer geeks who recommended this holding you hostage?
Have the users blown up the Taunton Headquarters?
Is It because no one has told the Sister Goddesses?

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I hope they do care. I hope

I hope they do care.
I hope that even if they have no clue, we've given them one.
I hope that drugs might be helpful in navigating this site.
I hope the computer geeks who recommended this have been fired.
I hope no one has blown up the Taunton headquarters.
I hope the Sister Goddesses are able to read, and that they will see that NO ONE is considering this new format an improvement.

Hope springs eternal.

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Can we call you the Optimom

Can we call you the Optimom

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Now that is good! Isn't it

Now that is good! Isn't it wonderful that the Octomom seems to have disappeared? Now if she would just take Jon and Kate and Sarah and Levi and the balloon boy and the White House gate crashers with her...

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Oh, my, you ARE on a roll.

Oh, my, you ARE on a roll. ;o)

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It's a sad day when I agree

It's a sad day when I agree 100% with MC. Geez, take a couple of months off and come back to THIS? What a C.... well, mess.

'The desire to make an effort to improve the lives of those around you does not yet live in everyone, but it does live in everyone who cooks.' -Bill Penzey, one magazine

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MEANCHEF, The new forum

The new forum layout just launched on Friday. Like the rest of you, I'm getting my footing and I've got tons of feedback to consider and pass on, so the short answer to your serious question is yes. Yes we care.

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Did they not even consult you

Did they not even consult you before launching this new forum?

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I think that depends on how

I think that depends on how you define "consult," MeanChef, LOL. I don't think the moderators had much chance to test/advise about how to customize the new forums. Several of them seemed to be on OTF trying to figure out how things worked.

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That is simply wrong. The

That is simply wrong. The people who used the forum and moderated it SHOULD have been consulted, and given the opportunity to test and offer advice before the site went live.

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Haha...MM, you've been lying

Haha...MM, you've been lying all these years. You're MUCH younger than you claim to be. :D

'The desire to make an effort to improve the lives of those around you does not yet live in everyone, but it does live in everyone who cooks.' -Bill Penzey, one magazine

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Mean, I doubt if this will

Mean, I doubt if this will help at all, but FWIW, this morning I got an e-mail from someone at Taunton offering to help me with some very basic problems I was having with the CT board last week--i.e., I couldn't figure out how to reply to a post, not realizing that "save" really meant "reply". Eventually, I figured out the rudimentary stuff on my own and with help from others here. Last week, at the height of the confusion, I couldn't find an e-mail address of anybody at Taunton who might have been able to help. Hoping to be able to talk to a software developer or somebody involved with the re-design of CT, I phoned Taunton in Connecticut and left a message that I didn't really expect anyone would respond to.

But I was wrong. The e-mail I got this morning was in response to my phone message and was very solicitous. I took the opportunity to say that I thought the old board was not "broke" and couldn't understand why it needed to be "fixed" by deleting all the features that had caused it to work so well before.

The person I was corresponding with said that Taunton considered the new design both a "technical" and "business" necessity and assured me that changes would be made and that all would be well.

Like you, I'm very skeptical that this version can be made to work as well and as conveniently as what we hade before. But I think the employees and Taunton management do care and are even trying to give personal service to aggrieved subscribers and other CT visitors. But I am very annoyed by the fact that they refuse to even explain what the specific technical and business necessities are that compelled them to adopt this particular format. I understand that a full explanation of these points might involve divulging confidential info or even trade secrets and that that is undesirable and could even harm Taunton's business. On the other hand, I don't believe it's impossible for Taunton to provide some kind of abbreviated and edited explanation that still provides some insight into what they're thinking.

I'm still really annoyed and upset and expect to continue to be annoyed and upset for the foreseeable future.

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Butterscotch, I am replying

Butterscotch, I am replying to you.

This is very encouraging. Aesthetically, I can appreciate that this forum is far prettier than the old one. I also don't want to be one of those people who resists change, just because it is change.

Having been part of new program launches professionally, I know that there is a period of adjustment, but also there is generally a period of user testing before the go-live. There will always be things that get missed and bugs that appear live that didn't in testing, but it seems to me that there was very little testing prior to implementation.

I feel much sympathy for Robyn, because she has very little control over the way this has been handled, but is expected to be the face that takes the brunt of it anyway.

"Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and, above all, confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be obtained." -Marie Curie

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Syrah, ITA with everything in

Syrah, ITA with everything in your last post directed to me. My knowledge of technical computer issues is almost nil. But my DH is a software designer/architect who spends most of his time designing new products, so I've learned a few things about his business from him and they are consistent with everything you've said.

I, too, feel a lot of sympathy for Robyn (Robyn, I hope you see this.) and no blame. It's her misfortune to have to front for the people who really are responsible, and IMO she's been very tactful.

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Just a guess about the "why

Just a guess about the "why this is a business must" is they get $$$$ for hosting all the ads!! And in today's economy...the bottom line is more important to the Magazine to help keep it going so it doesn't end up like Gourmet!! Just a thought.


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It's their site. They can do

It's their site. They can do what they want with it--change it, redesign it,whatever. I don't even think we are owed an explanation--and couldn't care less about it.
I DO think that they have a VERY VERY unusual cadre of loyalists on this site. WHY they didn't "test drive" some things--like the COLORS (which we complained loudly about with the last tweak), and why they can't launch a user friendly site is the heinous "crime". DS is a person at BofA who does this for a living. They know what and TEST it before going online. I know it is apples and oranges, BUT I think THIS would be SO much easier, than coordinating my bank account with the bank.
They went at this with a cleaver, without a ThOUGHT about the consumer. They bear the responsibility, and Robyn has been around long enough to know "us"--I called her the "new kid on the block" for a silly question she put out right out of the bag--and someone from Taunton QUICKLY came to her defense. Time to grow up and take responsibility for a BIG fumble--oh, yeah, that was delayed in being launched so they could "work things out". Maybe the basic premise needed some "working out".

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You are 100% right about it

You are 100% right about it being their site. Also, as someone from Breaktime pointed out, it's the new blood that buys books and keeps them in business, not the old farts like you and me. I still say I would respect them more for honesty than for walking the party line.

In the meantime, check out:

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I somewhat disagree with the

I somewhat disagree with the "it's their site" line of reasoning. Taunton is in business to make money, and they make money by differentiating their products and their brand in a very crowded marketplace. A brand is essentially a promise to a customer about what you'll benefit from if you buy their product. Strong brands survive because their customers have a brand loyalty, and the best brands enjoy a high level of customer engagement. Taunton had all that, but its moves of late have been poorly executed, and their brand is suffering from it. The angst found on this site is all due to customers feeling like a promise has been broken. When you introduce a new "product" (in this case CT) you have to market it to your customers--explain why/how they will benefit from your new/revamped product. You have to sell it, you don't just say, well you can't please everybody and if some stop buying our product, we'll miss them but oh well.
We may be of an older demographic but we sure continue to buy a heck of a lot of cooking-related goods, and we are some of the most engaged customers a company could hope to find. I feel bad that Taunton has risked all that with a sloppy rollout. But as I've said on other threads, I am willing to wait to see if they adapt this site and keep that brand promise they've made to me over the last 10 years. If they do, my loyalty will be even stronger. But if they don't, then I'm gonna find a better brand.

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I am on two boards that have

I am on two boards that have advertising. They are very readable and user friendly board.So, I know you can have a board with advertising and it still will be much better than the visual problems and posting issues on this board.

As I said in another thread, I emailed Taunton about this issue. There is an old saying in architecture, "Form follows function"> Essentially, aesthetics ona board are nice, as long as the function is primary, i.e. that it functions well first, THEN worry about how it looks.

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I don't think anyone here has

I don't think anyone here has listed the advertising as their main complaint. I simply ignore it, for example, cannot remember the last time I made Campbell's Green Bean Casserole (the current ad...what are they thinking?)

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I don't think ads are vetted.

I don't think ads are vetted. ;)

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I get NO ads at all. So I

I get NO ads at all. So I REALLY have a lot of white space!!