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Quarry (?) Tiles

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Quarry (?) Tiles (post #67916)


'Tis the season and DH is asking what I want. I've read enough posts (though I can't find any!!!) about tiles used in baking pizza and bread. I remember people saying they got unglazed quarry tiles from Home Depot and use them with great results. Am I making this up or is this true?

Do you use 4? 8? Do you leave them in the oven? On the floor? Bottom shelf? (I wish I could find the discussions, but have met with zero success.) Do you PAM them? Cornmeal them? Leave them as is?

Several of you have said you felt FC's pizza dough was great and I'd like to try it... Thanks!

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just get a pizza stone they

just get a pizza stone they work great just put little cornmeal on before pizza dough. you neeed heat stone first in oven before putting dough on it.

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Glad you posted this, I want

Glad you posted this, I want to get some of the Home Depot quarry tiles too and would like more details. Thanks for posting this. I want to try them on my grill as I know Heather and others have done.

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I've been using quarry tiles

I've been using quarry tiles for more than 5 years

I use them in the stove during the Winter, and on the grill during Summer, although even last week I used on the grill too

Normally I add six, making a rectangle - this way I get some air circulation around the outside. WHen I put 8 on the grill, it got too hot and burned the bottom of the pizza.

no need to add anything to them - I simply put my pizza over parchment paper, and after a couple of minutes I slide the paper out. If I forget - or if I'm busy making other pizzas and the paper stays, no problem whatsoever

I will never invest money in a pizza stone - I've had to replace my quarry tiles once in this five year period, some got a bit too funky, and two broke (not during grilling)

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Sally how big is each tile,

Sally how big is each tile, roughly?

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I haven't used them, Kathy.

I haven't used them, Kathy. I have a stone in my lower oven and when I cook pizzas outside I just put the dough right on the grill. I'd like to try them, does anyone worry about chemicals (lead, etc.) in the clay?

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The lead danger is more from

The lead danger is more from the glaze I believe. That's why they specify 'unglazed' tiles. Mine are about 6" square (I have 4) and I leave them on the bottom shelf of the oven all the time--even through the self-clean cycle.

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The lead concern is usually

The lead concern is usually in the glazing, and as these don't have glaze it isn't a problem. Tiles made in America can't contain lead of any kind, by law.

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What Sally said! I had mine

What Sally said! I had mine for ... six years before I just replaced all six of them (a whopping $3.60) after the last move. And only because I think my mom threw out the old ones.

I use six of them, unless I'm just reheating something in which case I'll use as many as I need to fit under whatever I'm reheating. :)

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No need for a pizza stone.

No need for a pizza stone. The tiles are 4X4 I think, and just get 8, and use what you need for what you are doing. I stack mine on the bottom rack of my oven. I don't think you can leave them in spread out because it would change the oven heat distribution, although I do believe I have seen some that do. Anyone? Anyone?
I even use them in my toaster oven. Easy and cheap.
And you can make them into a long shape to bake a loaf of French bread it needed. Very versatile.

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I have a flat sheet I got

I have a flat sheet I got from Pampered Chef a gazillion years ago, and it works great, but if it ever breaks, I'm heading to Home Despot to get some quarry tiles. I do love the pies baked in the unglazed pie pans. Had two, but I think DD has one. She denies it, of course!