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cookies in a jar -rock solid brown sugar

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For the first time, I made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies in a jar to give away as gifts.  I layered first the flour, then brown sugar, white sugar, chocolate chips, and last oatmeal.  It looked beautiful.  I designed my own "cookies for santa" instruction card and tied it all in a beautiful bow.  I have already given many away.  I made the cookies before I put them into the jar, and they were great. 

     Today, I went to bake one of my jars (5 days old).   I was surprised when I went to dump the contents of the jar out.  The brown sugar was like a rock.  I had to dig it out with a fork, and break it up with my hands - which just made smaller rocks.  I used an electric beater to mix the jar contents with butter and egg, but I had to beat it to death to break up the rocks of brown sugar.  Eventually, I made the cookies, and they were good. 

     Is this normal with cookies in a jar that use brown sugar as a layer?   Any advice?

Thanks,   Linda


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 you can put brown sugar on low heat in the oven to soften it. if you put it on parchment paper it is easier to get off.

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hi again lobsterwoman..
Brown sugar can and is problematic, isn't it! But I love the sound of your gift so don't give it up! It sounds to me like your jar isn't air tight - that will cause the br sugar to harden up.
I think if you switch your vessel to one with a secure rubber seal or a clear plastic bag that's heat-sealable (you can still do your pretty layers), you'll have better results.

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Thank you so much for your replies.  This site is Incredible!!  I've been a big fan of Fine Cooking for years, but this question and answer forum puts it over the top!!  Thanks again for your tips.   Linda

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we're always here for you and happy to help.
Have a lovely holiday season!