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Applying decorative sugars and sprinkles

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How are sprinkles or decorative sugars applied to a cookie?  I would like to decorate the tops of cookies using them without icing it first.  In the past I've simply sprinkled the cookies while hot, but much of the sugar or sprinkles fall off.  Thanks!

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Hi DHoyt,
for the sugars and sprinkle to "stick" to cookies without using icing, it's best to apply them to the cookie dough BEFORE baking. Unfortunately, some decorative sugars - like sprinkles, will 'bleed' their color over the cookie while it bakes so you'd best experiment before hand.
Is there a reason you're reluctant to use icing to hold your decorations? There's no need to coat the entire cookie with icing -- it takes the smallest amount to 'glue' down your decorations.

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Sometimes I do use icing, I just wanted another way to use the sugars without icing.  I've seen cookies in the bakery with sprinkles only, ( no icing).  I thought that would be an easier, faster way to embellish them.  Thanks for your reply.