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My daughter is vegan - no dairy (milk or butter) or eggs. I am trying to find recipes or tips for making some cookies that she can eat. I made some vegan old-fashioned oatmeal cookies by substituting applesauce (volume for volume) for the eggs as a binder - they were passable but not as good as the original recipe. Any suggestions for oatmeal or other cookies.

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A vegan version of your favorite cookie will never taste exactly the same, though I'm sure that the vegans in your life will say the cookies taste even better!

If you didn't like the apple sauce version, you might try another stronger flavored puree alongside or instead of the sauce. How about really ripe bananas? I find that super ripe bananas lends flavor and moister to cakes and muffins and I think it could be great in your oatmeal cookies. Or, how about pumpkin? Again, it's a strong flavor with tons of moister to balance out the oats.
Let me know how it works out!

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Thanks for the good ideas. I'll give the banana and pumpkin purees a try as egg substitutes and then try to be creative with other purees with strong flavors - peach or a puree made from rehydrated dried apricots. I'll let you know how they turn out.

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Hey Neil!
Delighted to hear from you and I'm so glad you're still in the biz!
Please feel free to email me at or click on the Ask Abby tab on the website. I hear from tons of folks -- including many folks from the Hay Day years - so please drop me a line!!