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recipes for cookie press

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I am looking for different recipes that can be used with a cookie press. I love the uniform shapes of the cookies that come from this tool, but don't always want to use the same butter or cream cheese recipe that is called for. I had a wonderful browned butter cookie recipe (using 2 sticks of butter), but the dough was too stiff to be pressed out. Does anyone know the trick to convert a recipe to be compatible with use in a cookie press? Thank you!

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Cookie presses do make beautifully shaped cookies but, sadly, they work best with a very soft dough like those made with cream cheese or sour cream and butter. Of course, you can add any number of flavors to the basic cookie dough: lemon or orange zest, a hint of almond extract, very finely chopped crystallized ginger (make sure it's very fine or it won't pass through the press).

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Thank you for your reply. As for my browned butter cookie recipe, I will try to add a stick of butter (for a total of 3 sticks) to see if that will soften the dough enough to go through the cookie press. Happy holidays!