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Bread of the weekend....

SallyBR1's picture

BBA CHallenge called for Pane Siciliano

(insert enormous sigh here)

I've made this bread before, did not care for it. It takes three days to make it, and in all honesty, IT STINKS.

No oven spring whatsoever, the crumb is dry, tasteless, the crust has no appeal. If I ever try to make this bread again, please lock me somewhere and discard the key.

now, allow me to go make a couple of focaccias to put me in a better mood.



American Citizen, with a tropical twist...

(May 29th, 2009)

Marcia's picture

It's a shame that you didn't like the bread after all that work. Might it make good breadcrumbs?

Please try to remember not to make it again -- if you see bread which takes three days, just say to yourself, "Ah, that is not for me." :)

Regality's picture

I do understand the compulsion to try, try again to make something work for one.  I did the same with quinoa, though fortunately there were only a few minutes involved, not days.  And, after all there are those who put that same sort of effort into making doomed relationships work. *L*

Marcia's picture

Your point about the doomed relationships is an excellent one, sad to say. One sees that far too often.