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? re no knead bread pans

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I would like to try one of these recipes however I don't have a cast iron casserole that's large enough.  Does it have to be cast iron or can I use a heavy oven proof pot ( I think it's cast aluminum) with a glass lid I will borrow from my crock pot?



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You can do it in anything that will take that heat. I'm not sure about the glass lid. Do you have a metal lid that would cover it or a heavy roasting pan?

I have even made it on a cookie sheet covered with a springform pan (improvising at the beach to show friends how to do it.  You might put the cookie sheet on the bottom and then use your pot as the top--could be easier to handle the dough even.

I need to make a batch myself.


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thanks Gretchen, I'm going to try it.

On another note, a GF and I are coming to Myrtle Beach for a wknd in April.  I'm sure you have no use for MB, but it was a budget getaway for us. It will still be cold here so all we hope for is a few glasses of wine, no husbands to take care of, and some pooltime reading.  I thought I would take her down to Pawley's Island for a meal.  Any suggestions?

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OH, yeah.  It should be really really pretty in April. Go to Brookgreen Gardens--I imagine the azaleas will be in bloom.

EAT --Murrell's Inlet, many many places

Creek Ratz is fun for lunch and has a dock out back if the weather is nice.
Crab Inlet Restaurant--on the far end of MI, just after you turn off from Surfside. It is a turquoise and pink 'shack". Good seafood.
Nance's--just a big ole fish house. No ambience but good food.Maybe better in winter when you want the best oyster roast on the coast
Russel's --good food, nice atmosphere--upstairs in a cute building
Flo's  sort of across the street from the Inlet Restaurant. On the marsh. We haven't eaten there in a good while I will add.

Do not go to Bovine's, or any of those in that area. Overpriced and not local seafood.


Island Deli and Restaurant Not a deli at all, and has become about our favorite place to eat. You can get a small plate or a dinner. Their fried oysters are absolutely wonderful
Bistro 217  The "finer dining" place run by the same chef as above. VEry nice. Both are in a little strip of gift shops on the west side of the road
Frank's The best fine dining restaurant on the coast. Make a reservation for sure. We usually eat at Frank's Outback--separate kitchen/menu served outside under big tents, with a fireplace. Either Frank's or OUtback are excellent. OLD OLD place.
Litchfield Seafood HOuse Just below the entrance to Litchfield on the east side. Has a shark coming out of the roof. In spite of the "kitsch" it is good food.If you go on they have a discount coupon.  Wait until it is 70% off and I'll post the code--you can get $25 off dinner for about $2, which might be worth a gamble just on the off chance you'd use it.

Louis Osteen had opened a restaurant there, but he closed it to move on to Las Vegas. He made our kids so mad with AWFUL service that we boycotted it. I have forgotten what restaurant was going in there--I was interested when I read it.

In Murrell's Inlet there are some excellent seafood markets. We also went to Georgetown to the seafood market there--right off the boat. Just terrific. You may have the beginnings of the soft shell season!!

Georgetown is really nice--a Revolutionary War era town. Wonderful architecture, nice shops downtown--15 minutes south of Pawley's

I don't know if you have been to the coast before and if you like oysters. BUT the fried oysters on the SC coast are called Calabash style, and you will never eat any any better--even in NOLA!!

As I said Brookgreen is truly a treasure--beautiful and HUGE sculptures done by (Anna?)____Huntington in garden settings that are just stunning. Across the road is their (the Huntingtons) winter home which may be the oddest thing I've ever seen--dates from the 30's and is sort of like a Moorish castle. The rooms go from one into the next, in a huge square with a courtyard in the middle!! You just shake your head!

SC now has liquor by the drink but we never order cocktails (maybe at Frank's) because they have some sort of weird legislation and the drinks are minute. Stick to wine and beer, is our mantra for eating out.

Let me know if I can do anything else. We're going to be down the week of EAster ourselves.

Welll same on you--we don't know what "cold" you are escaping from--need a profile, as Glenys would say.




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Gretchen, that's exactly what I wanted. I'm going to print your msg and bring it with me.  I never thought of Murrells Inlet or Brookgreen Gardens.  It's very small, but I do enjoy the Chapin Gallery in MB.  Sometimes I get my Christmas cards there too.  They are funded by donations and staffed by volunteers but I have seen some nice photo exhibits there over the years.

I have been to the Carolinas many times, but it's the first time for my friend Anne.  If we were going to be there longer, I would like her to see Charleston too. Do you remember we talked about Ocean Isle one other time?

As for my profile, I just filled in some details for your perusal.  As for how cold it is here- well, there's about four feet of snow on my front lawn right now.  Cold enough I'd say. Excited to say, DH and I are off to Isla Mujeres, near Cancun, in a couple of weeks for a break from the cold. 

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Ah, yes, of course!! You deserve a break.  Murrell's Inlet is dubbed "a little driinking town where fishing broke out".  Enjoy, and if I think of any more, I'll post again.


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I bake it in a large Pyrex casserole dish with a glass lid.  Works like a charm.

Edited to add that I've baked it in my cast aluminum Dutch oven as well.

I believe in compost.


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What if there were no hypothetical questions?


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That settles it then!  I will give it a go tomorrow,