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Elegant yet Cute Halloween Cupcakes?

TracyK's picture

Not too scary or cartoonish. Martha Stewart-esque.

Any ideas? I am totally brainfried and cannot think of a damn thing. Ugh.

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roz's picture

My youngest DD works for Saint Cupcake in Portland, OR. I can attest to the deliciousness of the cupcakes! All (non-vegan) made with real butter and real buttercream frosting or cream cheese frosting. They serve 'dots', a two bite wonder! Here's the site with the menu and prices.

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MadMom's picture

Just gained about ten pounds looking at the pictures.  Same thing that happens when I see Tracy's beautiful cupcakes.  I'm waiting for the calorie-free, but delicious, version!

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Marcia's picture

Those are just too disgusting for me. Silly, I know.

CookiM0nster's picture

Yes, I've made them!
They're fun but a little bit fiddly. I had trouble with malted milk balls breaking. While It occurred to me that a small disk of fondant would probably work better.

Heather's picture

You must have endless patience!

moxie's picture

Those are awesome!!!!!

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Cissytoo's picture

Those are adorable.  Does it take long to make the pumpkins and ghosts?

TracyK's picture

It took me about 4-5 hours, I'd say. But I was also watching TV simultaneously, which probably extended the timing!

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i agree with someone else, $10/dz is a steal.  I would not have been surprised if you had asked $1.50 each.

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"When asked if you can do something, tell'em "Why certainly I can", then get busy and find a way to do it."  T. Roosevelt

"Put your creed in your deed."   Emerson

"When asked if you can do something, tell'em "Why certainly I can", then get busy and find a way to do it."  T. Roosevelt

mer's picture

Tracy, you are fantastic! LOVE the cupcakes. :)

assibams's picture

Those look terrific! Your sculpting skills are awesome, love, love, love those pumpkins!

Now back to the kitchen to bake a cake for Emma's Halloween/birthday party tomorrow. I'm making a chocolate chiffon cake in a coffin shape and want to fill it with some Creme Bavaroise to mimic a popular kid snack (Milchschnitte). If I have enough time maybe some cookies, because I bought those darling Halloween cutters last year and haven't used them yet.

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JillElise's picture

I don't know what it is about the ghost in "both2" but it's definitely very cheerful looking.

Those are wonderful. Brava!