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7 minute frosting

thedessertlady's picture

I have two questions.
I'm looking for a great 7 minute frosting that can be piped on to cupcakes.
I want to know if you can leave the iced cupcakes at room temperature for a couple of days. I was concerned, from a 'food-safe standpoint', because of the egg whites in the frosting.

MadMom's picture

My aunt used to make wonderful 7-Minute Icing.  Don't you cook the egg whites?  If so, they should be safe. 

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TracyK's picture

You can (cooking the icing over hot water cooks the egg whites), but the icing is not at it's best after even a couple hours, much less days.

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Gretchen's picture

What Tracy said. It is a light sugary frosting that just "goes away" after a short time.