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Christmas Cookie Count

CookiM0nster's picture

I finished baking the last Christmas cookies of the season yesterday. Phew! And I'm curious, what has everyone else made this year? I know Adele has posted a (partial?) list. I know there are others. What did you make? What were you especially fond of? and what would you give a pass to next year?

My old-standby favorites are still the cramberry lemon iced drops, the chocolate-covered cherry cookies, and vanillekipferl.

My favorite new cookie of the year is the cardamon butter cookie with espresso and chocolate icing from the current Gourmet.

In the nice, but not special category I'd put the chocolate hazelnut cookies fron the Holiday Baking issue (sorry FC!), and the almond bars from the current Gourmet.

And in the category of cookies I really wish I could have found the time to make are the pecan sandwich cookies from In the Sweet Kitchen. I love those.

Cissy's picture

I just started today...

Most of the dough was made and frozen in early October, 'cause I knew we wouldn't get back until the 20th.

Done so far:

Almond legend cake, German Stollen, Chocolate Walnut Cranberry Espresso Biscotti, Pecan Puffs and Gleny's Black Pepper Lemon Sweets.

Still in the freezer:  Crystallized Ginger Logs, Neapolitans, Orange Poppy Seed Cookies, Cherry Nut Slices, Pinwheels, Pistachio Buttons, Sour Cream Pastries (rugalach-like) and Tennessee Icebox Cookies (from Nick Malgieri on FTV).  Still have to make a Sticky Date Pudding for DSIL.

We're not celebrating Christmas until January 2, because of scheduling difficulties, so I'm not stressed YET.