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Jeremiah Tower

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Jeremiah Tower (post #63018)

Does anyone have Jeremiah Tower Cooks?

It's only $4.69 + $3.99 shipping for a new copy on Amazon, but most of the recipe titles I've read don't appeal to me so I'm hoping I don't have to buy it.

I'm interested in the mushroom salad recipe that is described in the "Mushroom Lovers" thread. I made it tonight and I'd love to know a few of the details--how long he recommends letting the mushrooms rest in the vinaigrette, for example.

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I have a used one on the way. I'm soo weak!

Sometimes I wonder--why is that Frisbee getting bigger?--and then it hits me.

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I found it online:
Mushroom Salad

(if I messed up the link, then google for it and it was from SF Chronicle)

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Oh thank you! I searched through 4 Google pages last night and could only find references to the blog that started this discussion. How did I miss my good old ;-)

Edited to add that I had the times about right last night. And, I just realized that I probably have that recipe cut out of the paper in one of the many recipe files that I never look at any more--time to purge!

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I have it but I can't tell you where it is at the moment. ;)

Have you read his memoir, "California Dish"? I don't know how much is true but it's awfully entertaining, and might really appeal to you as a Californian. He's surely had an interesting life, and a unique childhood.

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I haven't read any of his books but, judging from what I've read about him, I think a mere fraction of his memoirs would be based in reality. LOL But great fun to read.

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Oh yes, they ARE great fun. I tend not to believe many things I read in any case, so that was not a bother to me.