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Time-Life Series: the good cook

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Somebody has donated 18 volumes of the Time-Life series to our library.  These books are in excellent condition - some look like they've never been opened - but we are just going to put them in a fund-raising booksale.  These books will sell for $1.00 each.  I know they aren't very current, but is anyone collecting them?  Anybody need one or two volumes to complete a set?  If anyone is interested, let me know over the next couple of days...we'll put them out for sale on Tuesday if no one is interested. I can list what's available if anyone is interested.

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I think that these are very popular. Has your library considered eBay, since this is a fundraiser?

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I suggested it, but no one on staff was interested.  I saw a full set on ebay awhile back and the bid was just over $200. 

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Oh, yes. DD bought a set for her DF and paid $85 on Craig's List and thought she had a steal. Are the spiral cookbooks included?


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No, just the hardcovers.  Over the years I've been at the library, we've had individual copies donated, but this is the first time we got a box full.  I've managed over time to pick up "Cakes", "Candy", "Bread" and the "Beans and Lentils", because those were the ones that interested me the most. 

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I will take them. Please email me via knots and we can work out the details. Thanks.


Better life through Zoodles and poutine...

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OK - they're yours!  I'm at work right now, but I'll e-mail you tonight. 

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If you don't want any of the meat oriented ones, you know you have a friend in NC who will take them off your hands, LOL.

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Oh poo! You beat me to it!! I collect them too. Lucky you!! Pamilyn

The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls

The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls

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I'm obviously somewhat challenged - I can't figure out how to send you an e-mail message from Knots.  So, do you want to e-mail me? I'll keep trying to figure it out, but right now I'm completely bewildered.  (Hangs head in shame)

Hey- I managed it finally!  Yes!

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Peter, you lucky dog!!

A little surfing produced that there are 28 books in the series. Here is a list: *Beef and Veal, Beverages, Breads, Cakes, Candy, *Classic Desserts, Cookies and Crackers, Dried Beans and Grains, *Eggs and Cheese, *Fish, Fruits, *Hors d'Oeuveres, Lamb, *Outdoor Cooking, *Pasta, *Pies and Pastries, *Pork, *Poultry, Preserving, *Salads, Sauces, Shellfish, *Snacks and Sandwiches, *Soups, Terrines Pates and Galantines, Varietal Meats, *Vegetables, Wine.

I have the ones starred.


Dave Fritz

Cheers, Dave Fritz

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These are great books. I gave them away many years ago, but they were invaluable when I was first learning to cook. I had many of the ones you do. This is where I first learned to roast a chicken & make a prime rib, among many other things.