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THAI COOK BOOK (post #62598)

I have the urge to get another cookbook (just like I really need one!).  What's the name (again) of the "Hot, Sour, Sticky, Spicy", come on, you know what I mean, one that Mean et al are so fond of?

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Hot Sour Salty Sweet - Jeffrey Alford & Naomi Duguid .  This is not exclusively Thai, but SE Asian.

Thai Food -  David Thompson.  Is more of the bible on Thai cooking

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Thanx guys, that's the book.  Off to so I don't forget again!  Hopefully it will have some websites to order the hard to find ingredients.  It's getting much easier to find ethnic food in Greenville, SC, but I to ocassionally order.

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I just picked up Thai Food by David Thompson the other day and am looking forward to reading it.  Do any of you have it?

“A good dish is like a piece of music. It needs harmony, but, most of all, it must have clarity.”

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yes.  It is great.