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Junior League Cookbooks

Kathi_Lemire's picture

I am also a cookbook freak. Probably have close to 500+.
While many of my favorites have been listed, I am also very partial to
JL Cookbooks. I collect them all. Here are some of my favorites.

Soupcon ( Chicago)Soupcon II (Chicago)Wonderful Recipes

Sugar Snips & Asparagus Tips ( Infant Welfare Society of Chicago)more...
This is the best cookbook ever. There is not one bad recipe.

California Sizzles (Pasadena, CA) Use this CB weekly

Colorado Cache (Denver) Tried & True. Have 1st edition & it shows.

Dining by Fireflys (Charlotte,SC) Great Recipes

Anxious to hear about everyone else's favorite JLCB's.

Chiffonade_'s picture

i ...Colorado Cache (Denver) Tried & True. Have 1st edition & it shows.

This is the one and only "Colorado Community" book we have heard anything good about. Is it sold to the general public or do you have to contact an organization to get one?

My daughter gave me an antique copy of
i The Ladies Auxiliary to Temple de Hirsch Famous Cookbook
which dates back to 1916. It's the coolest thing - it has advertisements in it! It's a hardback-fully-bound book. I don't make much out of it, just browse for sentimental purposes.

MadMom_'s picture

Chiff - I have heard so many good things about Colorado Cache. In fact, a good friend gave me a copy to send to DD when she heard she was moving to Durango. I've never tried it, though. I'd have to live to be 100 just to cook one recipe out of every cookbook I have, I think!

Marie-Louise_'s picture

I had Colorado Cache for many years (remember, two brothers live in Colorado.) I must have finally given it away during my last move. I made some great recipes from it. It is a good cookbook.

And if I'm not mistaken, our beloved Pulled Pork recipe started out as a Junior League recipe, right Grechen?

BTW, I think there is a San Francisco Junior League Cookbook that is a collection of restaurant recipes ('cause ya know, making reservations for dinner is big out here)

Donnalee_Kennedy's picture

While on business in Georgia, a friend hooked me on "Southern Born and Bread," a junior league cookbook of..Atlanta? I am skeptical of recipes that use canned soups; nervertheless, this is a good cookbook, especially for comfort food.