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Hi Folks!

I am totally new to this site, so please forgive any blunders!  My husband came up with a cool idea today & I wanted to share it.  A few months ago we moved, and of course we still have boxes to unpack.  I had planned to roast a chicken on my upright chicken roaster.  I couldn't locate the roaster doohickey & could not find one at the local Wal-Mart or Target.  My hubby suggested sticking the chicken over the funnel of an angel food cake pan!  I set it on a rimmed cookie sheet (I suppose you could cover the bottom with foil. also) & baked it as planned!  Most of the juices ran into the cake pan.  Slick as heck!




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That's a tip. Send it in. And welcome to the forum.

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I was going to send my funnel tip in but I decided that since so many people just stick the chicken on a beer can they would probably think the funnel was too fussy. LOL

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Yes, that would work well. Although you'll have to clean it well before you make a cake. :-) I've used a large funnel and that works too.
Welcome to CT--stick around and keep sharing!

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Welcome and that is a good tip. Of course, the original "holder" for this was a beer can.  ;o)


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GREAT tip (and welcome to the board). :-)

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