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Living Cookbook

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I just purchased Living Cookbook software and haven't really had the time to play with it except for capturing web recipes.  Does anyone know if it is possible to scan a recipe directly into the recipe software, or do I have to type them in the format?

Thanks for any help you can give a technology-challenged (at this point) recipe clipper.   

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I don't think so. You could try asking here but as far as I am aware, it needs to be in an electronic format.

I have had some success with googling recipes and checking them before capturing.

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Thanks for the good suggestion.  I guess the capture feature is so simple that I was hoping the rest would be as well.  Just need to get in there and learn the software.

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I've got Master Cook Deluxe. Since most of the recipes that I have in printed format I've ripped from newspapers or magazines I just go back to the electronic version of the source to find them and upload from there.  I've found probably 95% of them that way...and come across some other very interesting ones during the search.