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ValuSoft MC 6.2

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I need to purchase MasterCook.  Looks like it has been bought by Valusoft.  But there seems to still be available MC 6.0 by Sierra and 6.2 by Valuesoft.  Anyone have this 6.2?  I guess I'll buy that, can't tell if there is any difference, other that that they fixed some bugs.  These both run on XP, which is what I have now.


OK I found this on the website:

ValuSoft's release of MasterCook Deluxe features small enhancements to increase the stability of the products and their engines.

I can't believe it's only $9.99!


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psst..they're coming out with 7.0 this month.  I have 6.2 and run it using virtual PC on a Mac.  It has some enhancements and bug fixes from 6.0.  I read the new one will cost about $20.00.

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Oh how did you find out about 7.0?  I suppose that is worth waiting for. 

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one of the people who is a moderator on the old board told me this. she has been doing some testing or something.

i'm at work so I don't have the list of what was enhanced in 6.2..but I can post it when i get home tonight if you like.

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I'm wondering why 7.0 cost twice as much.  I don't care too much about the cookbook/recipes included, mostly want it for my own recipes.  That said, I'd much rather have something interesting given a choice over Betty Crocker.

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these are the changes from 6.0 to 6.2. The only change that I remember reading on the box was that you could download to a PDA.

New Functionality:


- Converts embedded (in directions or notes) sequences of five underscores to five plus signs (better compatibility with text import).


- Auto-Fill will now report specific name of field containing prior data and query user for action (append/replace or skip field).

- Handles longer ingredient and prep method data strings.

- Auto-Fill will load double-spaced directions into separate direction rows.


- In Edit Design, picture item name will now display on picture placeholder in layout.


- Added multi-line sample field in Find and Replace to provide better context.

- New check box in Find and Replace to allow Finds to be accent insensitive.


- Calories from Fat field no longer appears to be an editable control.

- Calories from Fat value now derived directly from Total Fat grams.

- Calories from Fat percentage now reflects ratio of Calories from Fat to Total Calories.

- Calories from Fat value now refreshed on changes to Total Fat.

- Calories from Fat percentage now refreshed on changes to Total Fat or Total Calories.



- Data typed into FastFill input boxes will now match accented characters (e.g. GO TO boxes in Browsers).

- FastFill now works with numbers.

- Fewer spurious FastFill mismatches.

- Sorts are now consistent throughout product (particularly with regard to accented characters and numbers).

- Properly sorts items beginning with any characters prior to "A" or after "Z" in our sort order (e.g., pipe, brackets, punctuation, accented characters).- Corrected numerous areas where characters with alt numbers greater than 127 could cause fatal errors.

- With general preferences set to 'decimal places', values of zero and trailing zeros are displayed as blanks as they are when in 'common fractions' mode.

- Recipe text transferred by clipboard will no longer pick up pre-existing gibberish on clipboard.


- Recipe now opens in View selected in Preferences instead of Recipe Display view.

- Delete command disabled for all items in read-only documents.


- Properly sorts items beginning with any characters prior to "A" or after "Z" in our sort order (e.g., pipe, brackets, punctuation, accented characters etc.).

- CTRL+A will now select all the text in the GO TO box (also works in Cookbook Browser).

- Text can now be deleted from GO TO field.

- Recipes with videos will now display with a dstinctive icon in recipe lists.


- Curly braces no longer cause ingredients or preparation methods to disappear in Recipe Display view.

- Browsing recipes sorted by Category will follow sorted sequence.


- Alternate Source Labels can now be removed.

- Alternate Source Label combo list is now re-sorted when a new label is added to list.

- Letters typed in the first line of the directions cell no longer cause the line to "bounce".

- Restore Previous View will now return to last recipe created.

- Right-clicking on picture in Directions now allows "cut", "copy", and "remove".

- Main recipe icture can now be copied and pasted into directions.

- Keystroke navigation improved in the Categories tab (TAB, arrow keys, etc.).

- "Paste Text As Ingredient" now supports the longer MasterCook 6.2 fields.

- Fewer nuisance "Save Changes?" dialogs.

- Nutrition tab will update immediately when a recipe is embedded.


-Meals without recipes no longer display nutrition notes.

-Variety of drag-and-drop issues resolved.

-Meal Plans in Favorites can now have separate meals nutritionally analyzed.

-Added FastFill support to Units field in Ingredient Amount dialog.

-Actual servings value ppears instead of default value when setting servings.

- After a menu is deleted, it will be removed from display.

-Names now accept and display backslash characters like any other alphanumeric character.

-Fewer nuisance "Save Changes?" dialogs.

-Keyboard navigation in list box now includes the ability to type a string of characters to search for.


- When selecting Import from Import/Export icon while in a recipe, "Destination" lists currently open cookbook rather than "My Cookbook".

- Blank ingredient row in *.mxp format recipe will no longer cause subsequent ingredients to import into directions.

- For text-only export, a sequence of five underscores will be converted to plus signs to prevent loss of data on import.

- On Import, a sequence of five plus signs will be converted to underscores.

- Using Simple MAPI, inbox will now correctly sort by date.

- Can now cancel out of "Reading Messages" from Inbox.

- Selecting a different "Recipe Titles" radio button no longer clears the check from "Use Simple MAPI".

- The number of ratings or categories exported as plain text will no longer affect the number of blank lines following.

- No longer strips blank lines from ingredients (better compatibility with text import).

- Wrapping of ingredient lines no longer confuses exported nutrition links.

- Import window will display files with any combination of file attributes. (Used to ignore files without attributes.)


- Auto-Fill will prompt to overwrite information in Last Saved Source.

- "Use Last Saved Source" will no longer use changed but unsaved source information (e.g. "Save Changes?" cancelled).

- Clean Up Paragraph function will recognize multiple blank lines and reduce to double-spacing.


- Switching "Print On" in Edit Design no longer clears Hide tab checkboxes.

- File>Edit Print Design no longer disables print command.

- Fewer nuisance "Save Changes?" dialogs on closing Edit Design view.

- Last paper selection will be preserved from session to session.

- Font Size and Name now display correctly for text objects.

- Clearer error message when no printer is installed.

- Prevent the publish palette from showing up outside of the desktop rectangle.


- Pantry will no longer be searched unless criteria has been added.

- Expanded Keyword search displays checkbox selections in criteria list.

- Expanded Keyword search criteria are now persistent when changing views.

- "Greater than" cost values now display correctly.

- Delete Search dialog now functions more logically.

- Search criteria can now be saved without performing a search.

- Greater stability in Search.


- Increased stability of "What can I make?" feature.

- TAB key move focus in a more regular manner.


- Panel now refreshes immediately after a new substitution is added.

- New synonym will be displayed immediately after ingredient is saved.

- Improved keystroke navigation in the ingredient list "Nutrition Facts" tab.

- Displayed costs are now rounded correctly.

- "Average Whole" warning is no longer erroneously displayed after an ingredient is edited.

- Find and Replace now works with accented characters.

- CTRL+V now works in Find and Replace.


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i don't think that they've told the people that moderate their boards yet what the changes are in 7.0 specifically. Do you have the sites for the mc boards? I can post a few for you if you'd like.

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Thanks so much for the feedback.  I did already find the stuff you posted by doing a google search on mastercook sierra.  You can always post a link to a site, btw, instead of copying and pasting all the text.

I was only concerned about the difference between 6,0 and 6.2 because the 6.0 is put out by Sierra and the 6.2 by Valusoft, and the site you quote from decscribes that the software is different.  But I found that Valusoft's website does declare that the only difference is in the fixed bugs, as you noted.

Now I am more interested in the diff btwn 6.x and 7.0, so I guess I'll wait, though I am going crazy not to organize my recipes.  I used to have MC a while ago.  But now if someone want to just use any old recipe when I already have a T&T for it, well,  it makes me crazy.