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Invite to an SF Bay Area Field Trip

mangia's picture

Attention Bay Area food and field trip lovers! I would love to get a group together to go to the Berkeley Bowl. I have never been, and looked it up on the internet last time we thought about going, and it looks great. Anyone want to join me?

Jangomango's picture

There are not too many Bay Area cter's left, Mangia. Email heading your way.

KarenP's picture

Do let me know when you plan to go, if I can get away I'd like to go. We start the next construction project Monday, have a couple work trips and a trip back to the tundra. I went to Berkeley Bowl on a lark after reading about it..I think I was there a half hour before I shut my mouth and I'm sure didn't see all that there was to see. The produce variety was amazing--5 kinds of eggplant, 5 kinds of radish. I would plan better for the next trip.

mangia's picture

Great, karen! I'm going to ask my sister if she'd like to go too. Anyone you think may be interested, please do ask. We'll figure out a date that fits our schedules. I'd love to know how you would be better prepared this time. Bring a big car and park close? Bring a wagon? Go early? let's talk some more! Looking forward to it!