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MeanieFest 10/25-27-Seattle hotels

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A quick round-up. The current rate for the Madison on relevant dates appears to be $179/night. Couldn't find a better rate for it, though that doesn't mean its not possible. Currently on the Ramada is $90/night, Vance $110/night and Roosevelt $130/night. Other rates above and below this are available on this site and also on and An offshoot of Orbitz, at allows you to specify the area and allows you to pick the class of hotel but doesn't tell you which one it is till after booking. Great prices but it's the no refunds - no changes problem. The two areas I looked at were Pike Place and Space Needle.

Question is are we looking for a hotel in the Pike Place area? I'm inclined to book ahead which usually gives best value with least risk. You can sometimes get better rates by booking later but there may not be any rooms so it's a bit of a scrabble to find something.

Any comments/suggestions?


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Some of them sleep a few people. The "Two beds" would cost $120. /person

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You mean the $225 rooms would actually hold more than 2?   Are they suites?   That may work.   The one 20 minutes out is a bit far, but one further in towards the Pike's Mkt would be good. 

Edit; sorry  - didn't leave you any time to edit!    

More: Wolvie and MM are inclined towards one Marriott or other, so we should look at that as a base for everyone. 

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One of the rooms at that B&B I posted yesterday slept a bunch of people. Alas, these suites are 3 people maximum. (nice rooms, though)

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Yes, Aussie, the Inn is very expensive, but it's just a few steps from the original Sur La Table, right across the street from Pike Place Market, and the original Starbuck Coffee is one block away.  Wonderful restaurants are within walking distance, as is the Seattle Art Museum.  The museum often has an exhibit by my high school classmate, Dale Chihuly. 

We've stayed at The Edgewater.  It's fun to be right on the water, and you used to be able to fish from your room.  If you don't have a car, it's a nuisance to rely on their jitney to take you to the market, etc.

I'm not sure that we'll be able to make the Meanfest.  We're planning a kitchen/garden room addition, and we don't know when building will begin.  I'd love to be there to meet you all.  The weather should be wonderful.

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Hmmm - those places are beautiful, but too rich for me.  I will be on the Left Coast for 12 days, and there are 3 of us.  I really need to keep accomodations in Seattle to $130 per night maximum for all (3) of us, not per person. 

But - hey, there's no reason we couldn't split up if a group of people wanted to do that.   I don't imagine that we will be spending all that much time at the hotel - I won't.  Sleeping and changing will be all.  I intend to see the sights and eat some of that incredible food...

Do you think we should have a date cut-off as far as deciding on what hotel so the ones definitely going can book their rooms?  I will probably buy our plane tickets in July or August.  Would like to book rooms at the same time, if not earlier.

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I'm going to try exerting some pull with the extraordinarily sexist (according to you know who) chapter of Les Dames d'Escoffier in Seattle. They better cough up after their visit here in June.

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"I will probably buy our plane tickets in July or August."

Just a tip - you'll probably get a better rate if you hold off until September. According to my travel agent, at least, the best fares show up about a month ahead of time. Well, the absolute best fares show up about 2 weeks ahead, but by that time you can't be guaranteed to get the flight you want any more.

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Contacted Pacific Reservation Service for info on group rates at hotels/B&Bs in our target price range and got the following reply:

In the downtown hotel section #257 is going to be the least expensive about $59-69 

A lot nicer with a little more charm #005, about $89-99

#187 might work also, $99 <?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Might be able to get you into #002 in the downtown b and b section for about $100

Farther afield, about 2.5 miles #212 in Capitol Hill section, $89-99, but lots of amenities, including indoor pool and spa, micro and refrig in all rooms, free park, free shuttle to downtown. Breakfast, huge continental but they have this 1.5" belgian waffles you make yourself, nice library room to gather at night

 How about the Greenlake 85th St guest house and apts, lot of space, several kitchens, large groups work out to about $35 pr person per night

Any opinions?

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You've been busy, ashley!  I love the idea of a nice B&B sort of place...I'm ready to stay where everyone else wants to go.  Actually, in Vancouver, whenever we really wanted to go out, we had to just made it easier to enjoy being together at the same hotel for breakfast and afternoon libations!  I don't personally see a problem with staying in a more remote place, if there are enough vehicles available to get us from pt. A to pt. B!

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In order for you guys to narrow this down somewhat, I think the first thing you should decide is whether being downtown (and within walking distance of most of the places you are going to want to see) and having a bar is a big consideration.  Most of these do not fall into this category. 

Capitol Hill is where I live. It is nice, but you will have to drive to get to anything.

Greenwood - 85th is way out of town.




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Another alternative is that those who want can stay in a downtown hotel with a bar and others can stay in an outlying B&B.

Room sharing in a downtown hotel may be an alternative also.


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Can we go back to thinking about downtown hotels again? What's the point of being in Seattle if we aren't in the middle of the action?

What was the verdict on the Edgewater? That sounded great with lots of different room configurations which made it possible for sharing.

Besides, I want to go fishing from my room.

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I'm not charming enough in the morning to stay at a B&B. I'm aiming for a hotel downtown.

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More sailors downtown, too.  

Hey, perhaps you could just hang a line out of your room and fish one up.   You never know, there may be a whole submarine parked just outside. 

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Oooh, fleet week. Those French sailors have such cute.........accents.

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The streets  downtown would also suit Sandra's hobby.  Although that stuff isn't legal here like in Vancouver


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What, didn't you guys elect a free-enterprise lovin' Republican gov't just a year or so ago???

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What do you mean it isn't 'legal' - aren't all Americans free-enterprising, first amendment-lovin' Republicans?

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Sandra - you have us Americans all's the second amendment that all the free-enterprise loving Republicans love!  The first amendment sometimes gives them the hives!  ...but Dubya has found a cure for that...we still have free speech, it's just unpatriotic to criticize him!

Insist on the real MadMom - accept no substitutes!

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This a Christian country


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So what about the sailors?

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Don't worry.  I will line you up with some sailors.

They may not be French, but I think they all do the same things.

Do they have to be real or is it just the uniform?


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Hi, Sandra, I'm butting into this whole thread.....First of all, I am green with envy that I can't be there.....

2nd, I suspect that almost everyone who will be attending are 1st amendment loving Americans.......

One of these days, I will have the privilege to inculcate all of you....<G>......

Off to Tucson, got my groove on, in the shadow of the Rincon...
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I am with Aussie on this. Much prefer downtown.


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I'm with Aussie and Peter on this - let's do downtown!

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Just giving the options. Me, I'm for downtown, and quite a few of those downtown were giving reasonable rates. I figure we won't be joined at the hip for the whole weekend and being close to whatever action Seattle offers - bonjour matelot - is going to be the best. The Edgewater is quite pricey, best rate I've found so far is $160/night, which if you are there for three nights, plus travel, plus for some of us further holiday costs, makes it an expensive option and the majority verdict seems to hover round the $100/night/room target. I'm still checking stuff out and I'll report when I've got the rates to support any recommendation (which of course everybody is free to ignore).

PS Aussie, I didn't see your name on the list of intending attendees - did I miss it?

"I don't like gourmet cooking or 'this' cooking or 'that' cooking. I like 'good cooking.'"
James Beard

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Yes, I understand about the cost.   How about we look at one main downtown hotel for the hangout place, and another cheaper one close by if possible.   Seattle is a sort of backpacky town so there has to be something, surely.

Dang, was I too late to get on the list?   My wafflebrain was a bit late in getting organised - sorry. 

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Dang! I used to write for the NorthWest Best Places guide books, and they used to have a series called Cheap Sleeps. Haven't been in contact with the publisheers for a few years now, and haven't gone looking for their books, but they are very reliable, and updated regularly. That's actually where I learned about the Sylvia as an urban bargain. It'd be worth somebody's time to scour a local Barnes & Noble or Chapters to see if there's an updated version, and maybe just jot down any Seattle-related tips.

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Excellent idea - you are in fine form this early morning.

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I had dinner last week with the authors of the "most romantic places" guide. Perhaps that would be in order.