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MeanieFest 10/25-27-Seattle hotels

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A quick round-up. The current rate for the Madison on relevant dates appears to be $179/night. Couldn't find a better rate for it, though that doesn't mean its not possible. Currently on the Ramada is $90/night, Vance $110/night and Roosevelt $130/night. Other rates above and below this are available on this site and also on and An offshoot of Orbitz, at allows you to specify the area and allows you to pick the class of hotel but doesn't tell you which one it is till after booking. Great prices but it's the no refunds - no changes problem. The two areas I looked at were Pike Place and Space Needle.

Question is are we looking for a hotel in the Pike Place area? I'm inclined to book ahead which usually gives best value with least risk. You can sometimes get better rates by booking later but there may not be any rooms so it's a bit of a scrabble to find something.

Any comments/suggestions?


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The food was not very good at all. I should have stuck to my primal instincts and gone Szechwan, the drive ended up being just as long over a shorter distance. I could have had my beans with black beans and chiles and orange peel beef. And the crab.

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No sailors!  Absolutely NOOOOOOOOO sailors!  Trust me - they are no where close to as exciting as you seem to think.  And I believe I'm probably the resident expert on that subject...

sounds like they are as overrated as firemen. And I think I could qualify as an expert on firemen.

heh heh.

Always Smell It First.


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The sailors are just for Glenys.


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"No sailors! Absolutely NOOOOOOOOO sailors! Trust me - they are no where close to as exciting as you seem to think. And I believe I'm probably the resident expert on that subject..."

You see, this board is full of great advice from "resident experts".

"Is it really going to be Fleet week? Ugh -"

Just teasing. If it is, is purely a fluke. Don't worry, we're our little invasion.

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I will probably buy our plane tickets in July or August."

Just a tip - you'll probably get a better rate if you hold off until September. According to my travel agent, at least, the best fares show up about a month ahead of time

Just another bit of advice on this--and believe me,  it is probably worth exactly what you are paying for it.  But, I would start in June watching all the fares at various sites--get on their farewatcher thingies-- and when one comes up that you like, grab it.  The airlines are putting additional flights on for the summer months but the anticipation is that they will again cut back in the fall unless there is a DRAMATIC turnaround in the flying/air travel public.  Flight attendant daughter is flying again but expects to again be laid off in October.

Flights are flying pretty full with the decrease in numbers of flights so there is no need for sales.  Maybe Peter will have something to say about this too.

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Another idea would be to "take over "a B&B. I'm not at home, so no travel books at my fingertips, but here's one I found via Google that looks nice and is in the right price range. This one only has 4 rooms, but I'm sure there are others:

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What an idea! And I know just the place. Its called "Meanie's B & B" The downside is that the owner would only pay each of us a mere $50 per night to stay there. Perhaps if he ups the amount we could all be persuaded to grace his establishment with our august presence. Luncheon and diner would of course have to be provided.



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B & B's are fun-big dining room tables, a living room and a porch or two to hang out in. They often serve wine or sherry and a little snack in the afternoon. You could have a lot of fun just hanging out in the living room between adventures. Now find one within walking distance of MC's kitchen and you're set!

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Dare I say that we'd have to find an alternative pub or lounge to congregate at. The one advantage of the Sylvia was our meeting room, even if some of us were occasionally tardy.