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Wolf stove

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Wolf stove (post #56468)

I am in the market for a stove.I would like to get a 30" wolf dual fuel or all gas model. Has anyone had experience ( good or bad) with either of these?

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I have one (dual fuel) and love it!  It has been doing duty in the kitchen for about five years and I don’t have a bad thing to say about it.  A 36” would have been nice but it is just the two of us and even when we entertain four burners has been fine.  Ours is propane (no natural gas out in the country), plenty of heat.  The electric oven is wonderful also the temps are very accurate.   The only thing is my wife didn’t like the red knobs so we have the black ones, not my favorite but one makes concessions in a relationship….

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I have the all-gas and it's ok. For wok cooking, I have to remove the grate in order to get enough flame on the wok. Stovetop is great otherwise; simmer is nice & low and water boils pretty quickly, even a big pot for pasta.

The oven temp is a mystery to me since my oven thermometer and temp on knob match, but roasting meat seems to take much longer than calculated. No problems at all with baking though. Forgot to mention, the broiler rocks!

Hubby won't ever hear it from me, but we should have stuck with Viking like in our old house. And it had legs so I was able to clean under it. Should have stuck with my own experience and not read all the bad reviews. sighhh.

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I have a 48" dual fuel Wolf and LOVE it! Never a single problem with it.